Friday, December 7

Nars Super Orgasm Illuminator

Hey Guys, tonight i am going to add to my review of the Nars Illuminators by adding Super Orgasm to the collection. Here are both of the Nars Illuminators that i own together in all their glory!

I think Super Orgasm is a more razzamatazz version of the highly popular Orgasm. It has a really rich warm tone which really does add something special when applied. I would describe the colour as a warm burnt peach tone with tiny flecks of gold.

 The swatch below may be kind of hard to see, but against my hand you can already see the colour it adds against my skintone.

The picture below shows miniscule sprinkles of golden gorgeousness!

I have a lot of love for this product. I really love applying it under foundation and also mixing it into my liquid foundation in order to give me a really lovely warm glow. As a preference i wear this illuminator more when i am going out in the evening because i think it looks great for an evening look and the Copacabana more in the day for a silvery glow, however it really doesn't matter as they are both great products in my eyes.

Which do you prefer? Is there another Illuminator you could recommend?

Thankyou xoxo

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