Sunday, July 21

YSL 5 Colour Harmony for the Eyes

Back once again with a brand new purchase

Well hello there! 

First of all let me say a big HELLO to all you lovely people who are reading this post and wondering where i have been for the last few months (i flatter myself that i am expecting people to read this but i hope someone is!), sorry it's been so long since i have blogged but life seemed to get in the way for a wee while - however.. drum roll please... I AM BACK!

This post references to an unplanned purchase i made in Boots yesterday, my second purchase of a YSL product to date - the first being their shocking mascara, since replaced by Babydoll which i would love to try as the shocking was darn good til it dried up.

Yesterday's purchase was of a gorgeous eyeshadow palette that just caught my eye and combusted my bank card; YSL 5 colour harmony for the eyes shade no 10, tres inspiring name, non?

This eyeshadow palette/combination/bank balance buster was £42.00 from Boots EEK, don't worry i slapped my wrists and had a right old finance guilt trip after this one. 

So as you can see there are five eyeshadows altogether including a lilac shade, blue/purple shade, mint green shade, hot pink and a brown to finish. These eyeshadows caught my eye through sheer prettiness! Here are some swatches:

This is a beautiful palette, however this may be a case where the packaging and overall look of the product outweigh the actual standard of the formulation.

These eyeshadows all contain quite a lot of shimmer and the pigmentation is not as i expected, to put it another way these are nowhere near as pigmented as Urban Decay eyeshadows as only the pink shade had comparable pay off, however the fall out is minimal (there was some but not a lot) and the shadows apply smoothly and are not chalky at all.  As YSL describe, these shadows are supposed to blend and harmonise with each other and the overall look is very pretty once shadows are blended and the colours do compliment well. 

So overall, don't expect great colour pay off and be willing to dig deep to supplement the £42 cost, but do expect the shadows to blend beautifully, look extremely pretty on the eyelid and last all day (well, from 8am this morning to current 5pm).

I hope you enjoyed my review, it is great to be back - please leave a comment if you have the time and thanks as always for stopping by.

More posts to follow soon,