Tuesday, December 18

The Germany Post

Hello my lovely fellow beauty product lovers!

First off let me say i am so sorry it has been so long since my last post! :O! 
I tried so hard to blog from Germany but the internet really wasn't having it picturewise and it literally drove me nuts! So i have been in Germany since Friday and i got back at 2am this morning, decided to treat the boyfriend to an Xmas trip to Munich to see the christmas markets and i'm so glad i did, we had a super time! We stayed at the Eurostars Grand Central hotel in the area of Hackerbrucke which was conveniently located near the station and the centre of Munich was just a short ride away.

I literally ate my own weight in sausage, sauerkraut, apple strudel, chocolate, potato thingys and loads of other stuff, some pics are in the collage for My Week in Pictures #3 but here is a small selection :)

Look you can have champagne for breakfast! My kind of place!

Munich had some of the best department stores i have ever been in, designer galore! Shame i'm living a champagne lifestyle on a lambrini budget!

Hopefully one day i can afford Vuitton :)
Care for some Lederhosen?

As i said i ate everything under the sun..

This was some kind of fried potato thingy, below is fruit on a stick covered in chocolate, yum!

In the next few days i will show you the beauty hauls i got, yes hauls because i thought Paris was the place to go for beauty hauls but it seems Munich could be the gold standard, so many department stores with so many amazing products!

I like natural products too so i visited this store in the picture below which sold products made from Beeswax! I got a beeswax candle and also some hand cream!

I know this is only a small selection of pics but i just wanted to give you a taste of the trip! I've never been to Germany before but i had a really great time and can recommend going! The christmas markets were absolutely amazing and it was lovely to try traditional Bavarian food as well as things like apple strudel (yum) and different traditions! The people were so friendly and Marienplatz was really beautiful with the Xmas tree and all the traditional markets!

Thank you so much if you are reading this for taking the time to do so, i hope you are looking forward to Christmas, i have so much more Shopping to do!


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