Sunday, December 9

The Life Post

Hi everyone, i hope you're having a good Sunday!

Since i started this blog, i realised i haven't really given much away about myself at all, therefore you may (or may not), start to wonder about the person behind Pooches and Cream. 

First of all i will start with who i am and what i do. My name is Robyn and i am 23 years old. I live in Shrewsbury with my boyfriend and my pekinese puppy called Priscilla. I am currently a christmas temp at Next until early January, as i am a full time student as well i needed a job to tide me over through christmas. As i said i am a full time student, i'm studying for my masters in Forensic Psychology at Birmingham City University at the moment, having completed my undergrad degree in Psychology in July.

I started this blog because i am a girly girl who loves cosmetics and everything under that umbrella, like hair stuff nail polish, fashion, glittery things, glitzy things basically anything that looks nice and feels pretty! I did contemplate a career as a beauty therapist and i obtained my level 2 certificate two years ago during a gap year from my undergrad degree, however i was determined to finish my degree and subsequently decided to carry on with Psychology, although beauty is still an important factor in my life.

Beauty products aside, another aim behind the creation of my blog was to reach out to people i perhaps wouldn't have met otherwise. I had a pretty big life event occur in my life when my dad passed away in January. 
Although at this point i won't go into it as i don't want to bring people down on their relaxing Sundays, since this happened i feel like i have developed many issues i didn't have before. I tend to become anxious in certain situations and my self confidence has massively deteriorated. I don't have a great deal of people around me and i since found myself becoming emotionally withdrawn and i have begun to keep everything inside, as i feel like i couldn't speak to friends about it because i didn't want to affect people with the problems that i was having in my life. 

So... i decided to create this blog in order to meet new people and connect over a mutual love of beauty products and everything related to that. I feel like through my blog i can aim to write posts that people will enjoy that will also help before taking the plunge and buying a product, money is tight for everyone and i know how annoying it can be to save for a product and then be heavily disappointed with it.

Most of all i hope to make new friends, so if you are reading this, thank you so much for doing so and i really hope you enjoy my blog.



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