Thursday, December 6

No7 Precision Lips Pencil

Hey guys, tonight i am reviewing the precision lips pencil by No7. 

Yesterday i had a little raid in Boots and fell in love with these lip pencils and consequently ended up buying four, but i will review one at a time if okay in order to give them the attention they deserve. 

Tonight i'm reviewing the shade Plum:

This lip pencil is creamy, moisturising and full of colour. I love this product because when i put lipstick on (don't ask why) but it always seems to make me look like the joker! You can laugh all you like but it's true, i spend about ten minutes trying to wipe the excess off, i think i just have weird lips or something.

I like the fact that there is a built in sharpener on the end of the product which you just pop off to make sure the nib (can i call it a nib?) of the product is always pointy which is necessary for keeping the shape of lips when you apply. Me begin a durr brain i forgot about the sharpener so trust me when i say that trying to apply lip pencil with a flat end is not a good look.

Here i have tried to get a shot to show you a swatch, as you can see it is quite a what i would call 'berry' colour and is very appealing. The price isn't too bad either as it is priced at £6.75. Also, check out my No7 nail polish on my thumb which i reviewed last night ;)

Here you can hopefully see what the product looks like on, it is very creamy and to apply i just drew around the outside of my lips and then filled the colour in. Pop a bit of lipcote over the top (cannot live without afore mentioned product) and it will last all day. I have tried it.

As you can see below i am very pleased with how my plum lip pencil looks.

I am ready to party!

I hope you liked my review. I have a feeling this product may not last as long as a lipstick might, but i love the shades on offer (I bought caramel, nude and fire as well which i will show in a different post) and i sure do like these lip pencils a lot more than the Revlon lip butters.

What do you think? Tempted?

Thankyou xoxo

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