Friday, December 7

Dior 'Diorskin Nude' Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup

J'adore Dior

I'm going to review a product by Christian Dior called Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup - wow- that's a mouthful!

I only recently started shopping at the Dior counter within the last month. Previously i had always been put off by the whole glamness of it all, as in all honesty i thought i would have a pretty woman moment where they would tell me everything i was looking at was FAR too expensive for a girl like me.

It started when i needed a new foundation and i ended up purchasing the Dior Forever foundation. After i bought my first product i completely fell in love and have subsequently spent my tiny personal budget and a little more (beans on toast for the next month) on Dior products. As the pictures hopefully display, everything about the brand screams luxury.

In my opinion no other company can match Dior for luxury. Their products are absolutely divinely beautiful and from start to finish their packaging is faultlessly elegant through to every last detail. For me, Dior even beats Chanel. However i am only talking from a makeup perspective, as never in my lifetime, nor the one after that will i ever be able to own anything else by Dior other than their makeup, but hey that's good enough for me!

So, this face powder was £31.50 from Selfridges and was bought to be applied over my Dior Forever foundation.

As you can see the powder is extremely finely milled and makes the skin look absolutely faultless when applied. I did buy the Dior backstage full coverage foundation brush to use in unison with this product, but when i got home and looked at the receipt my heart stopped when i realised it had cost £43, so i had to take it back :( i genuinely don't recall the lady telling me the total i just paid for it like a dingbat and cried afterwards! I bought the Real Techniques powder brush from Boots instead as a cheaper alternative for £12.99.

I was a match for shade 022 Cameo. This powder contains almost 20% water which helps the skin appear fresh upon application and also offers a low level of SPF 10 in order to provide some sun protection which i think is great.

This powder doesn't feel heavy or cakey at all and certainly doesn't look it either. It feels weightless on the skin and finishes off my foundation fabulously. Dior get a massive high five from me and i truly do believe that it is worth the price. I am in love with it and Dior has fast become one of my favourite brands.  With them it seems that you get what you pay for which is hard to say of some products i have experienced.

Hooray for Dior.... 

Thankyou xoxo

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