Thursday, December 6

Nars Copacabana Illuminator


My next review is a Nars illuminator called Copacabana. Nars Nars Nars... where to start.. ever since i discovered this brand i literally cannot get enough of it. 

So everyone who is even remotely interested in beauty has probably already heard gazillions about this product and how fabulous it is, but for those who may have been AWOL for the last year let me fill you in. This is a liquid illuminator in what i would describe as a cool, silvery tone which brightens and illuminates the skin, producing a glow which they can surely see from Mars.

Not only does this product produce a radiant glow, but it is also a very reasonable £21.50 and apparently contains antioxidants, those little things we hope truly do exist. So Nars have recently upgraded to the multiple, but i like to know exactly how much i'm using every time and similarly to the pan stick foundation by Benefit i would probably go through it like water if it were on a creamy stick thing, so i'm sticking with the liquid version, ta very much. 

I hope you can see on my hand the lovely creamy pink kind of pearlescent glow it gives off. Now depending on what kind of foundation you use this product can  be applied both under and over foundation in order to highlight areas of the face or chest area. 
However if you use a powder foundation, for example like Bare Minerals, i found liquid doesn't really sit well on top of powder so it is best to apply this product underneath the foundation. Although this was a bit of a bugger for me as i'd always forget to do that and then i'd be like oh bugger i can't use it now! But then i switched to a liquid Dior foundation so all is well and i can use both under or over..

Now if you like me you don't know your head from your elbow regarding highlighting and how to do it on the face, i found this diagram extremely interesting:


So, in all i have a lot of love for this product for when i am looking for a cool pearly glow on the face. However if you like something a bit warmer then the review i do on Super Orgasm may be up your street.

Thankyou xoxo

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