Sunday, December 30

I Need the Birds and the Summer Breeze.

Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Comfort Creme

Hey Dolls!

This AM i am going to review another christmas present (wish these could last forever!) called Hydra Life Pro-Youth Comfort Creme by Dior.

This was on my wishlist for a while after having a makeup consult done this was applied prior to the foundation application and it made my skin sooo soft. I am also a massive lover of moisturisers and was seriously disappointed when my Vanishing Cream Moisturiser from Lush ran out. :( I've been waiting until Uni can start again until i can get another from Birmingham, but then i got this baby!

Now firstly, i didn't realise that Dior have their own gardens all over the world within which the plants are kept that go into their beauty products.. wow! God knows where i thought they came from but that is pretty awesome.

This is a 50ml cream and mine is the one for normal-dry skin as you can get certain types in order to cater for your skin type. I have been using this cream since Christmas Day and i am loving it! As it instantly restores and nourishes dehydrated skin this is perfect for me and my skin is feeling so soft! Literally as soon as you first put this on your face it really is unlike anything you've ever felt before.. seriously. The only way i can describe it is you know soft butter when you cut into it, this is like that on your face (god i'm weird) but it is the only way i can try to tell you how lovely this is. But you should be sparing with it otherwise you might find it a TAD greasy, despite it's fantastic absorbance it is super rich.

This product retails at £41.00 which is obviously super expensive and i'm not sure i could replace it when it runs out. BUT IM GONNA HAVE TO! 

What do you think of Dior products?

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  1. I'm a bit on the fence with dior products as I have never found one I dislike but I have also never found one I LOVE - so I never usually purchase them anymore!

  2. I have nominated you for a Veratile Blogger Awar! Check it out on my page xxx

  3. I actually saw this at Sephora and tried it so I totally get your butter comment haha I sometimes can't afford it but this looks wonderful

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  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I can never afford Dior I seriously have a spending problem (:

    OMG thankyou so much for nominating me! I'm so shocked and absolutely surprised, thankyou! I think I might cry I'm such a loser! X

  5. Oh wow! This looks amazing babe! I need this in my life :) xx
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