Wednesday, December 12

December Empties slash Things i can't live without!

Hey guys! Oh my god how cold is it outside??? It's bloody freezing!

Today i'm doing my first empties post, these are the products i have finished this month and let me just say i am so gutted about this as i actually love every product in this picture.

Ok so the products in the above picture are: 

1) Dove maximum protection cucumber & green tea anti-perspirant deodorant

Ever since this product came out i have fallen in love with it and this is my second one. At first when the buzz came out about this product i was like pffft i'm not spending a good fiver on deodorant when i can get a spray for a quid from the pound shop or whatever, however.. imo this is totally worth it. 

I love the smell and i think it lasts absolutely ages. Bizarrely they recommend putting this product on at night but as if you're going to be thinking about that at the end of a long day. This may sound ew but you can honestly go two days on this and still smell good if you forget to put deodorant on in the morning, as i often do as i swear i was a goldfish in a past life as i remember shit! 

2) Bourjois healthy mix correcting concealer 

This concealer is hands down one of the best concealers i have ever owned. If they discontinue it i will literally throw a shit fit! The coverage is awesome, i love it so much.

3) Touche Eclat by YSL 

When i first got this product i was a bit like, i literally don't know what this does or if it even does anything. But now it's a different story and i cannot live without it. I still don't quite know what it does, all i know is i love the whole packaging thing and the formula too, i am shade no2 and ive never known another product to match this, it definitely does something to make my under eye bags look better and my face brighter overall. It is actually magic! For £21.50 it's a bit steep but luckily the one i got for my mum hasn't been used and she is happy to give me hers so thank god for that.

4) They're Real! Mascara by Benefit 

Ok so like most things i use, when i first got this i thought the brush was a bit clunky and didn't fall in love straight away.. but now i love it. It does awesome things to my eyelashes and makes them longer and more Cheryl Cole like. £18.50 is steep but hopefully i can get this for Xmas off someone (hint hint) as i really need another one ASAP! I am literally so dried up.. sounds wrong.. but i refuse to give up and try something else.

5) Vanishing Cream facial moisturiser by Lush 

God i sound like a parrot, but at first i was like £17.50 for a moisturiser (and i thought lush were cheap), but this is actually the best moisturiser i have ever owned. I use this morning and night, pre makeup and post makeup removal and seriously, my skin has never been better. I used to be prone to little spots etc but nope... i am as bright as a .. button? Anyway i LOVE this moisturiser.

6) Cotton wool double faced round pads by Boots.

I ran out of cotton wool pads this morning! Gah!!! So annoyed as these cotton wool pads are such an integral part of my makeup routine! I have made a pact to myself not to use facial wipes to remove makeup because to be honest, i don't know what the hell im putting on my face and sometimes i get reactions to certain wipes etc. So anyway you could still say i don't know what i'm putting on my face but i now use a comforting cleansing lotion by Garnier to remove makeup and cleanse the skin!

I will be re-buying all of these products but hopefully as it's Christmas maybe i won't have to.. this post is kind of an empties slash things i can't live without post!

I hope you enjoyed reading 


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