Monday, September 30

Blog Sale!

Blog Sale

Hi everyone!

I've decided to have a clear out and the consequence of this is a blog sale!

Rules and regulations...

- first come first served, please leave your paypal address in the comments and pay within 24 hours
- please make the paypal payment via the gift option!
- items are sent unrecorded unless you specify recorded and agree to pay the extra
- Postage is 2.50, additional items 50p extra
- Please research by searching swatches etc if in doubt!
- UK only unless agreed
- Enjoy :D

1. Rimmel stay matte pressed powder, shade 001 translucent - swatched only £2.00
2. Rimmel stay matte pressed powder shade 002 pink blossom - swatched only £2.00
3. NARS illuminator super orgasm usage 50% £3.50
4. NARS illuminator copacabana usage 70% left £4.50
5. Max factor pan stick foundation shade 25 fair - used once with a brush £2.50
6. VICHY dermablend fluid corrective foundation shade 15 opal almost full £8.00

7. MAC mineralize skinfinish shade gold deposit £6.50
8. MAC eyeshadow shade honey lust swatched only £9.50
9. Bare Minerals READY eyeshadow 4.0 the A list used a couple of times £6.50
10. Bare Minerals READY eyeshadow 4.0 the rare find swatched only £9.00
11. NARS eyeshadow night star swatched only £10.00
12. Too Faced eyeshadow Bob's your uncle £2.50
13. Illamasqua liquid metal shade electrum used once £3.50
14. MAC paint pot shade genuine treasure £6.00

15. Miners lip colour shade pink shimmer - swatched only £0.50p
16. Bobbi Brown skin foundation mineral makeup SPF 15 shade light to medium 70% left £4.00
17. NARS velvet matte lip pencil roman holiday used twice £8.00
18. Butter London Lippy shade chancer used once £3.50
19. MAC mattene lipstick shade first amour usage shown £5.50
20. Maybelline colour tattoo shade eternal gold swatched once £2.00
21. MeMeMe illuminator/highlighter shade oyster gold used once £2.00
22. MAC eyeshadow shade crystal swatched only £8.00

23. MAC beauty powder shade snowglobe used once/twice £6.00
24. Estee Lauder pure color lipstick shade exotic orchid swatched only £4.00
25. Estee Lauder pure color lipstick shade candy shimmer swatched only £4.00
26. Estee Lauder pure color lipstick shade barely nude swatched only £4.00
27. No7 Blusher shade coral flush swatched only £3.50
28. ARTDECO illuminating baked powder highlighter used twice £8.00
29. Elf blush shade gotta glow (highlighter) used £1.00
30. Estee Lauder gloss orchid passion swatched only £2.50
31. Estee Lauder gloss electric ginger swatched only £2.50
32. Barry M lipgloss shade 12 used once £1.00

Sunday, September 15

YSL Creme de Blush - Velvet Peach

 A peach parade

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well, it's been a while since i last blogged as things have been a bit MENTAL for want of a better word. Work has been crazy busy, i completed my masters degree and also moved house, anyway i am back to my passion which is obsessing about makeup and spending too much money i don't have.

Tonight i am blogging tonight about a blusher i got from YSL a couple of months back - it is shade 1 'velvety peach', i seem to have an obsession at the moment with finding the perfect peach blusher and cream blushers are my hedonism at the moment!

Here we go, as is standard for YSL, feast your eyes on some purdy packaging!

Ahhhh the fresh untouched look of a blusher waiting to be swatched...

This is a gorgeous blusher that applies like a dream using fingertips or a blusher brush but i prefer fingers (just my preference), a little goes a long way and this lasts all day! This blusher applies evenly and has a lightweight feel, the only downside as expected is the price, at £29 i feel there are alternatives out there that meet my same need - that need being for a peachy blusher that is flattering and easy to apply! One example of this is a peach blush Photoready by Revlon in shade 'pinched' retailing at £7.99 and also 'Rude' by Illamasqua at £18 which is also a fave blusher of mine!

Although YSL supersedes other brands in terms of packaging and a luxe feel the price is actually crippling and i feel other brands are able to equal if not better this product in terms of colour payoff and value for money - but hey i paid the price so who am i to moan!

Thanks for reading my blog post i hope you liked my review - lots of love always!

Sunday, July 21

YSL 5 Colour Harmony for the Eyes

Back once again with a brand new purchase

Well hello there! 

First of all let me say a big HELLO to all you lovely people who are reading this post and wondering where i have been for the last few months (i flatter myself that i am expecting people to read this but i hope someone is!), sorry it's been so long since i have blogged but life seemed to get in the way for a wee while - however.. drum roll please... I AM BACK!

This post references to an unplanned purchase i made in Boots yesterday, my second purchase of a YSL product to date - the first being their shocking mascara, since replaced by Babydoll which i would love to try as the shocking was darn good til it dried up.

Yesterday's purchase was of a gorgeous eyeshadow palette that just caught my eye and combusted my bank card; YSL 5 colour harmony for the eyes shade no 10, tres inspiring name, non?

This eyeshadow palette/combination/bank balance buster was £42.00 from Boots EEK, don't worry i slapped my wrists and had a right old finance guilt trip after this one. 

So as you can see there are five eyeshadows altogether including a lilac shade, blue/purple shade, mint green shade, hot pink and a brown to finish. These eyeshadows caught my eye through sheer prettiness! Here are some swatches:

This is a beautiful palette, however this may be a case where the packaging and overall look of the product outweigh the actual standard of the formulation.

These eyeshadows all contain quite a lot of shimmer and the pigmentation is not as i expected, to put it another way these are nowhere near as pigmented as Urban Decay eyeshadows as only the pink shade had comparable pay off, however the fall out is minimal (there was some but not a lot) and the shadows apply smoothly and are not chalky at all.  As YSL describe, these shadows are supposed to blend and harmonise with each other and the overall look is very pretty once shadows are blended and the colours do compliment well. 

So overall, don't expect great colour pay off and be willing to dig deep to supplement the £42 cost, but do expect the shadows to blend beautifully, look extremely pretty on the eyelid and last all day (well, from 8am this morning to current 5pm).

I hope you enjoyed my review, it is great to be back - please leave a comment if you have the time and thanks as always for stopping by.

More posts to follow soon, 

Tuesday, April 23

30 Ways to Save £1

Pound Saving Tips

Hi everyone! I thought i would take part in the Money Supermarket competition '30 Ways to Save £1' as seen here which i found on the lovely Bonjour Belle's blog here. Not only did it look a lot of fun but Money Supermarket also give you £1 for every tip you make! How great is that? You must be over 18 to enter and in a prize draw one lucky blogger will be in with a chance to win £1000! Eek!

So, here are my tips guys! As a student i think i have learned a fair ol bit about saving (hides credit card bill), i hope you like what i came up with!

30 ways to save a pound!
  1. Sounds obvious, but shop in pound shops as opposed to supermarkets for essential household items such as bleach, dishcloths, etc (just the basics I understand you may not be able to shop in pound stores for everything you require).

  2. Save your plastic bags when you go shopping as some places charge 5p every time now! This can add up :)
  1. Reduce what you throw out by seeing what you can reuse, an old candle jar when emptied and cleaned makes a fantastic brush holder!

  2. Keep spare change to save breaking a note, as once a note is broken that's pretty much it!

  3. Stock up when you see good offers in stores, this will save you money in the future!

  4. Look online for vouchers, this can help you to save a few pennies if there is money off vouchers for products you normally buy!
  1. Don't always shop on the high street, charity shops are great when you're looking for a bargain and its all for a good cause.

  2. Don't food shop on an empty stomach, you're just going to fill your trolley up with crap because the energy levels in your body are making your brain go haywire

  3. As annoying as it is, use those pesky coppers, a little goes a long way :)

  4. Pay whatever bills you can by direct debit, as this saves you more off your annual costs!

  5. Don't throw away your old clothes, some places give you £5 at bag drops (there's one in my local supermarket) for every kg of clothes you give!

  6. Don't impulse buy, step away from the potential purchase and ask yourself in 24 hours if you still need it. I bet you don't.

  7. Remember, wanting something is different from needing it. Save your money unless you really can afford it.

  8. Don't shop online with a hangover! Sounds so silly but I have done this and trust me, you're not thinking straight therefore you care less about how much you’re spending. Step. Away. From. The. Keyboard.

  9. Don't throw out your old food, reheat your leftovers and this will save you money as you wont need to go out to get more food. Eat what you have in your fridge!

  10. Think ahead and make meal plans for the week, therefore when you are home from work and don’t know what to cook it will be written down!

  11. Make a list of what you do throw out and next time you shop you will remember to get less than you did last time as it went to waste.

  12. Don't eat out unless its a treat, eating out means you will happily spend £50 on food without blinking.

  13. If you can, substitute items you buy for cheaper ones. Yes we all love taste the difference and marks and spencers is special, but tomato puree is tomato puree!

  14. Remember that pound for the trolley, then you wont have to break a note to get change which you will then probably spend and not save!

  15. Instead of buying expensive concentrated juices, drink more tap water! You pay for it (its not free) and the world is mostly water, therefore it's not bad for you!

  16. Don't fall for gimmicks in the supermarkets, chocolate philadephia is not a food group!

  17. Instead of going to the cinema on a monday, go on orange wednesdays or student tuesdays if you can, cinema prices are seriously expensive these days.

  18. Sounds daft, but drive slower! The faster you go when you don’t need to the more fuel you burn.

  19. This is a bit icky, but don’t use reams of loo roll, it comes off the roll so quickly and before you know it its all gone, one sheet at a time! (Ew) this saves trees and money which are basically the same thing, would you use one fifty pound note or two if you had no loo roll? Exactly!

  20. When you run out of bath bubbles, you can still use your empty bottle without buying more for a good 2/3 baths as the residue still makes bubbles!

  21. Instead of going to Starbucks, get a cheap caffetiere and some basics coffee and you don’t need to go to Starbucks for a good month. There is not a lot of difference i'm sure of it.

  22. Switch your lightbulbs to energy saving, this will save you money on your electricity bills.

  23. Use vinegar as de-scaler rather than these expensive branded cleaning products (even cheaper than going to the pound shop as I mentioned)

  24. If like me you have about 7 interchangeable handbags, have a good ol' route around in them before going to the cashpoint, I guarantee some spare change!

    Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 12

L'Occitane Instant Hydration Mask - Review

Hydration O'Clock

Hi everyone! This review is of a face mask i am currently loving at the moment. I picked this up from my local L'Occitane store and i have been using it for about a month now. The Instant Hydration Mask contains organic angelica water and essential oil which have hydrating and toning properties. For those of use who lack hydration in our skin, these ingredients are desirable!

I incorporated this into my face mask routine by firstly exfoliating with a scrub, then applying an inital mask of my choice (namely my Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch hazel mask from Boots - long term favourite!) leaving on for about ten minutes or so before rinsing, then applying the L'Occitane instant hydration mask and leaving on for the desired three minutes - so quick! This mask can obviously also be used alone and L'Occitane recommend using this 2-3 times a week. The consistency of the mask is that of a gel-like formula, it applies with a 'wet' feel and sits lightly on the skin with no setting effect.

The results are so good, my skin feels so soft afterwards and this continues the next morning and for the next few days ahead. The packaging states to apply a 'generous amount' and i feel no stinging at all with the application of this product, the scent is also a very natural floral scent which smells gorgeous. 

If you have never been to a L'Occitane store you should definitely check it out as the service is fantastic - i was offered a complimentary fruit/herbal tea, the products are also very natural and the overall ethos of L'Occitane as a brand is really fab. The Instant Hydration Mask is £20.00 for 75ml of product. 

What do you think of L'Occitane products?

Thursday, April 11

Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers

Do you suffer from thinning hair?

Hello everyone! Today's review is on a topic that is pretty close to my heart. For anyone who has suffered hair loss at any point in their lives, you will know how difficult it can be to deal with. I had alopecia during high school throughout and after my GCSE's. I had two big bald patches, one on my crown and one at the front of my head on the left hand-side, both were able to be covered with my hair but as a teenager i was extremely image self-conscious and to say it got me down was an understatement. 

I was kindly sent the Viviscal hair fillers to review. These hair fillers are available in a variety of hair shades and contain microscopic, electrostatically charged fibers which stick to the hair and create a volumising appearance, instantly making hair look thicker (so less thin) and fuller. You just simply tap the fillers onto your dry hair until your scalp is no longer visible, you then gently stroke the area to scatter the fibers evenly (don't forget to wash your hands afterwards!). Due to the electrostatic coating the fibers instantly bind to the hair shaft building the appearance of hair density.

As i do not suffer with Alopecia at the moment and haven't done so for the last 4/5 years now i was unable to test the Viviscal hair fillers on a thinning area, however my hair is thin overall. The next picture shows my hair pre-application

And now with the Viviscal hair fibers applied

As you can see they will blend very easily with my hair colour - obviously i chose the blonde ones and once rubbed in they did not leave any residue

The Viviscal hair fibers have been rubbed into the hair and are now dispersed evenly, this is with only a small amount and i can already see that my hair looks thicker in this area than it did previously. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from thinning hair as when i was going through this there were very limited products available to help with the side-effects of thinning hair. I would have loved a product like this to help me through what i went through.

Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers
Size: 15 grams (approximately one month supply)
Price: $24.99
Colors include: Dark Brown/Black, Light Brown, Blonde, Grey and Auburn
Available at; use promo code VIVISCAL to receive $5.00 off!
Per the updated FTC guidelines, I received the sample products with compliments from, but my review is my own objective opinion.

What do you think of this review?

Friday, April 5

Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder

Make Way for Daniel Sandler...

Hello everyone and a very happy Friday to you all! Today's post is on a product i recently purchased and it is the Sculpt and Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder by Daniel Sandler.. a bit of a mouthful but i got there! I picked this up from Asos for £24.50 and with a cheeky bit of student discount i was away. Daniel Sandler himself seems like such a lovely guy and i really appreciate him 'getting down with the consumers' as i'll call it by being so friendly and approachable on Twitter, that's the way to do customer service and make sales big brand bumpkins!

Anywho let's get on with the show. The packaging is quite Tom Fordy in my opinion, it looks very classy and luxe which i like. I am also glad it's not see through i like bronzers and powders to be concealed as we all know how annoying it is when it's dropped and it breaks before your eyes! I also like that instructions are given for application on the back of the product, as sometimes i just really need to be told WHAT goes WHERE, yes i should know but can anyone actually say they are an expert at contouring? Well there you go then. 

So the packaging has got a tick, appearance has a tick as the product is beautifully presented. My OCD is trying to ignore the fact that the seperation line between highlighter and contour isn't straight but I CAN LIVE WITH IT. Now for the application, i am pleased to say this product gives very little fallout and the matte contour shade applies like a dream. This is the perfect bronzing shade for my skin as i don't look like i've got great big dirty brush strokes on my face which was my problem with previous contouring bronzers. The highlighter is beautiful and it has just the right amount of shimmer, which in my eyes is exactly how a highlighter should be. This combination of bronzer and highlighter works really really well and i am loving this product! 

And with a pop of blush over the top

What do you think, can i give Kim K a run for her money in the contouring stakes? At £24.50 this may seem a little steep but i think this is reasonable considering this is a cracking bronzer and highlighter duo.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 2

My HD Brows Experience


Hi everyone, my oh my it's been a little while since i last posted - my apologies i just needed a tiny little blog sabbatical, however i am back now and ready to deliver my HD brows experience to you all. 

I am sure many will have heard of the HD brows treatment currently gaining popularity at speed due to the impressive results achieved through the collaboration of existing brow techniques such as waxing, plucking and threading. Hailed as eyebrow artistry, when i booked my HD brow appointment i didn't really know what to expect. My aunty was the driving force behind it and my brows had been somewhat neglected so i thought i would call upon the beauty professionals, aka local salon.

The treatment was expected to take 40 minutes, i was thinking what could they possibly do to me that would take 40 minutes and in truth the treatment was less than this for me and took about 30 minutes as my lady didn't mess around as i am sure she was booked back to back for them. First of all my brows were tinted and i was asked how dark i wanted to go. I said dark but not wow dark. After the tint my brows were waxed at which point i was told to stop scrunching my face as she may accidentally remove half the brow.. i sure did stop scrunching at this point. Next up were some scissors to trim from the top and i assume to reduce the thickness of the brows a little and remove any longer brow hairs. Wasn't too keen on this bit to be honest as i am NVQ level 2 trained and was told never to remove hair from the top really, even though i do myself with tweezers but never scissors. Then there was some plucking, finally followed by threading of the brows and the brow arch area. 

Finally after my brows were groomed to perfection, this took a while as apparantly one brow wasn't playing ball, we got there. I was told HD brows are only ever achieved 10% of the time on the first treatment and she seemed to suggest this made me lucky! For £25 i definitely wanted to be one of the ten that's for sure! The treatment was finished by the application of brow makeup from an official HD brow palette, as i was told clients are expected to leave with a finished look. I was recommended to purchase said palette but when i explained i use Browzings by Benefit which does a pretty good job my therapist said this was fine, the palettes don't look cheap either they're about £20 online and i didn't ask how much they were from the salon. To be honest i am sure you could do the job with a brow pencil to be honest the point is the treatment should do the work for you and then you just fill in as you please!

Overall i was very pleased with my HD brow experience, the top up treatment is £20 so it's not too bad for fab looking brows, however a little part of me does want to say a tint and a good wax did most of what this does and the threading is just a little added treatment, but it depends what you prefer.

Here are some before and afters! 

Before - Hairy as hell 

After - Groomed with my HD WOWS Brows (Taken the day after post redness, with browzings applied)

So, what do you think of HD brows, do you have them or will you be getting them soon?

Friday, March 15

My Pink Favourites

sugar and spice and all things nice

Hi everyone, this is a pink themed post based on the fact that i love all things pink therefore i thought i would show you some of my favourite pink beauty products.

♥ ❤ ❥ 1. Oh Lola! By Marc Jacobs ♥ ❤ ❥
♥ ❤ ❥ 2. Illamasqua 'Katie' Blusher ♥ ❤ ❥
♥ ❤ ❥ 3. Garnier 'Rose' Comforting Cleansing Lotion ♥ ❤ ❥
♥ ❤ ❥ 4. MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick ♥ ❤ ❥
♥ ❤ ❥ 5. OPI Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' Nail Lacquer ♥ ❤ ❥
♥ ❤ ❥ 6. balance Me. Rose Otto Body Cream ♥ ❤ ❥

The Oh Lola! Perfume was a Valentines day present and it is currently my go-to perfume of choice. The fragrance is light and sweet with floral tones and it is gorgeous! 

I only got the 'Katie' blusher by Illamasqua a couple of days ago but i love it so much!! It is a really beautiful light pink with a blue tone and it is so flattering on light skin tones. The garnier rose cleanser is something i have used time and time again to remove makeup at night and also to cleanse with in the morning and i know i will repurchase this product again and again. MAC pink nouveau is a gorgeous pink shade that is so flattering and was one of my most lusted after MAC lipsticks for ages. 

The OPI Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' nail lacquer is the perfect girly pink shade and is gorgeous on, i want the full size i love this so much. The rose otto body cream has a beautiful scent and is something i received in my Valentines Glossybox, it's only a small sample size but i am hoping to get more soon.

What do you think of my 'pink' post, do you have any pink favourites?

Lots of Love, 

Tuesday, March 12

Vanilla Truffle - Estee Lauder Lipstick Review

The Perfect Nude?

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well, this review is of another Estee Lauder lipstick i picked up on the weekend from my local House of Fraser for £19.50. I picked this shade as i can't get enough of nude shades at the moment, they're just so versatile and wearable for day-to-day activity, i could have about a hundred nude lippys and it wouldn't be enough :D 

As you can see Vanilla Truffle is a gorgeous nude/caramel shade, swatch and application photos are shown below:

I really love this lipstick and it is my favourite shade of the moment, possibly the perfect nude shade!

What do you think of the Vanilla Truffle lipstick by Estee Lauder?

Lots of Love,