Saturday, January 5

Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss Review

Lips Like Sugar

Hey there lovely readers! I hope you are all feeling good this Saturday, dontcha just love the weekend? I know i do!

Today i'm going to review a lipgloss i got during the week, it's called Turkish Delight and it is from Nars! If you know this blog you will know how much i love Nars and i recently awarded Nars as my makeup brand of 2012!

This lipgloss is famous because Kim Kardashian once said it was her favourite lipgloss. The reason i name drop here is i have an intense fascination with Kim's face, without sounding like a freak, i just think she always looks so gorgeous and her makeup is absolutely flawless. I would love to be able to achieve her contouring and highlighting and lots of other things, but the lips seemed the easiest part to achieve! 

Don't get me wrong, i have no ambitions to BE Kim Kardashian what i mean is as a makeup lover i fully appreciate the way makeup can transform the face as it does for Kim. 

This is Kim wearing the Turkish Delight lipgloss:

Now onto my review of the product!

Turkish Delight is a pale pink shade that works well both alone and also on top of lipstick. Kim Kardashian (for those want to know) normally wears this shade over Belle du Jour lipstick by Nars, which is a kind of nude/caramel shade, i have worn Turkish Delight over nude and also pink lipsticks and both look lovely. Therefore i find this gloss extremely versatile and i love that the formula isn't sticky! Ever had a hair blown in the wind stuck to lipgloss moment? I have and it is blummin awful when it happens!

This lipgloss is £17.50, i fully appreciate this is the higher end of the spectrum but for me, i had to try it for myself just so see if it really did love up to the hype. My verdict is, it does!

Here is a swatch:

And applied:

I hope you liked my review!



  1. Looks very pretty. I like the way you photographed it next to sweets, xoxo.

  2. your pictures are beautiful!! :) x

  3. Great review! I also love Kim's makeup, it's always gorgeous :)
    I just bought Turkish Delight today, can't wait to try it out!


  4. Absolutely love your photos! This has been on my wishlist for a while. I can imagine it would look lovely layered over a similar pink lipstick! I wonder if Nars do its lipstick counterpart *goes to explore nars site*

  5. Lovely review! Love how you photographed Turkish Delight with the turkish delight haha :)