Wednesday, December 5

Boots Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch Hazel Face Mask

Hey everyone, excuse the quality of this pic as i am still mastering the art of photography (haha), but i truly believe this product speaks for itself anyways. The product i am reviewing is a rosemary and witch hazel face mask by natural collection at Boots which costs £1.00. 

I literally cannot rant and rave about this product enough as i am a face mask junkie, i love nothing more than jumping in a bath and exfoliating with St Ives before slapping a mask on my face.. this experience is bettered only by a glass of wine and perhaps a yummy scented candle!

So as a face mask junkie i have tried and tested many face masks. Some have made me break out in spots, some have almost burnt my face off, some have had absolutely no effect, etc etc.. however this mask from Boots absolutely reigns supreme on my list as i love everything about it. It smells quite herbal but it absolutely works wonders on my skin and leaves me with such an awesome glow, seriously! Boots say that as this mask contains antibacterial rosemary and witch hazel it really deep-cleanses the pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil. 

I would describe my skin as normal/dry and sensitive. After using this mask my skin feels totally refreshed, clean and zingy. Also for £1.00 it is great value for money as i get two uses out of each packet, so basically it boils down to 50p for one mask which is even better in my opinion. I have tried the wild strawberry mask.. meh... this one rocks my boat.

The only downside is that this face mask has become gold dust in the sense that getting hold of one is becoming increasingly difficult in my area, but i also tried Birmingham and after trying several Boots i could only find it in the larger store. God knows if it's just my luck but i have had to stock up on it the last two times as they seem to be getting more and more few and far between (nooooo!). 

So as you've gathered i blummin love this product!!!

Have you tried it, what do you think??

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