Friday, December 7

Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation


Today i am going to review the Touche Eclat foundation by Yves Saint Laurent. Before i begin, let me say i am a huge fan of the Touche Eclat radiant touch highlighter and will continue to be until i am probably old and grey.

I have a heard a lot of beauty buzz around this product so i popped into Debenhams in Birmingham to request a sample. The lady on the YSL counter was extremely helpful and gave me a 7 day trial in shade B40. However she filled the tester right to the top and this has lasted two weeks straight.

Ok, so now onto the review. The foundation comes in a huuuge range of shades (i counted 22) and is pitched at transposing the magic of the legendary highlighter into a foundation.

Below you can see that the product is extremely smooth in it's liquid form.

This foundation is extremely dewy and i love that it had a sort of wet look when applied on the skin. However many reviews i have seen say that they love the full coverage of this foundation. In contrast, i would argue that this foundation gives quite a light coverage at first which is then buildable up to a medium coverage, after quite a lot of product application.

I am normally a fan of medium-full coverage foundations with a preferably matte finish. In my opinion this foundation had more of a tinted moisturiser look and feel about it.

In the picture below you may be able to see how the foundation has slightly clung to a dry patch of my skin, i may be at fault for this as i did not apply primer beforehand and i may be due to exfoliate. But in my opinion after a two week trial of this foundation i found that after a few hours the dry patches are more visible and i also felt that the foundation did not have great staying power as it appeared to shift around the face and wear off. 

I have tried really really hard to love this product because i am such a fan of the touche ├ęclat highlighter pen. However i really don't think this product is for me. I am wondering whether i am using it correctly as like with the highlighter pen it took me a long time to get to grips with it as i didn't really know what to do with it. YSL claim this foundation targets shadowy areas and also highlights contours, hmm.. i haven't a clue if it does. 

Positives: Statement product from a classic brand, gorgeous packaging with pump included (always a bonus, Nars i'm looking at you), lovely dewy quality, fabulous range of shades, would probably be great as a light summer foundation with a tan, great customer service from the YSL girls as always.

Negatives: At £28 is at the high end of the market as expected from YSL but in my opinion it just doesn't cut it. Gives more of a tinted moisturiser look with not enough coverage for me, also i don't really get the whole shadowy contour thing but maybe i am just a doofus. It moves around on the face and also doesn't have great staying power.

I hope you liked this review, i appreciate and acknowledge that this product has a lot of fans and it is great if this foundation works for you, although i desperately wanted it to work for me, it didn't. Please don't let me put you off as i would love feedback of your own experiences and this product is definitely worth a try!

Thankyou xoxo

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  1. I recently got a sample of this foundation, and while I initially loved it... I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the money for basically a luminous tinted moisturizer! Your review has really echoed my thoughts so far, but I'm still testing it out, so my opinion might change. Thanks for the review!