Wednesday, November 28

Wishlist #1

Reading from Top Left > Across - 1. How to look the best of everything by Benefit in Light looks an incredible set to own, haven't tried any of this set before. 2. Studio eye pop palette by Smashbox cosmetics, this looks amazing i would love to try Smashbox cosmetics as i've heard they are really good! 3. Tom Ford lipstick in Black Orchid... want want! 4. Ciate mini mani month advent calendar, been trying desperately to get hold of this but alas Selfridges have sold out again *sad face* 5. Heard a lot of good things about Origins and would love to try one of their face masks. 6. I've lost my tweezers and my eyebrows now have their own postcode! These ones by Tweezerman apparantly set the standard.

Monday, November 26

Clinique Airbrush Concealer

Hi guys! So i popped into Debenhams on Friday and had a browse at the Clinique counter. It took ages to get served but that aside, i tried out the airbrush concealer and decided to give it a whirl!

I got the shade Neutral fair, although it was the only one on display it was my match anyways. This concealer is available in two other shades which are a lighter shade called Fair and a darker shade in Medium. Clinque claim that this airbrush concealer hides shadows whilst also illuminating the eye area and as i suffer from serious under-eye bags this was a must have for me.

Get ready for me minus makeup.. eek!! I'm not keen on showing myself in the raw flesh but in the name of beauty product reviews i want to show you how this product really looks. This is me with no makeup on at all as i apply my concealer underneath my foundation. Prepare to be scared!

Sorry the light isn't great guys, but the next photo is me with the product applied onto my face. Application is easy with the wand tip and i applied it as i normally apply my touche eclat.

Next up is a shot up close once i blended the concealer underneath the eye area so you can see how it looks. I think it gives great coverage whilst also giving the flawless look that it describes.

This is the final shot of my face once the concealer was completely blended. I like to use quite a lot of concealer so i reapplied the product about 3 times to achieve this coverage, but as i said i do suffer from under-eye bags so someone who doesn't may find that they use a lot less to achieve the same look.

As you can see this product provides fantastic coverage and really does hide those unflattering areas well pre-foundation! I'm very very happy with this product, at £17 i really do think it's worth it as my touch eclat is normally £25. Although touch eclat is now available in 7 shades and the Clinique airbrush concealer is only available in 3, the 3 shades on offer do seem to cover most bases.

I hope you liked my review and i hope that it has informed you more about this product!

Wednesday, November 21

J'adore Dior..

So today the weather was absolutely crazy, raining like mad and all hell was breaking loose at New Street station in Birmingham. To cheer myself up i decided to pop into Selfridges in the Bullring to buy some Diorskin Airflash Spray foundation. I was given a makeover by a really nice guy called Liam. 

Diorskin Airflash Spray foundation felt lovely on and was applied with a brush so as not to get myself covered as it can sprayed directly onto the face. All was going well until.. i looked in the mirror. It was just a tad too orange now i'm on my winter shade but unfortunately that was the lightest they had as the colour range is minimal :(

Instead i went for the Diorskin Forever foundation in shade 010/Ivory:

As this foundation has SPF it's a big no-no for flash photography, i really liked the way it looked when it was applied at the make-up counter and i will take a picture tomorrow morning when i put it on a fresh face and you can see what you think!

The shade of this lipgloss is called Blacktie plum and i think it is divine!! It's a really intense deep purple and i think it looks so good on!! The final item from my Dior haul was a limited edition set of eyeshadows called 'Fairy golds' which i think are divine! A bit steep at £40 but i am sure i will get my money's worth.

I just love that Dior give you a mini how-to guide! I'm certainly no makeup artist and i appreciate being told the basics because sometimes i get so overwhelmed by palettes that i literally don't know what to do with them! 

So i know this is big post in terms of products, but i will go through each product individually with you soon i promise! I was just so excited about my first ever Dior purchase that i just had to share! Don't you just love the glitz and glamour of Dior? I know i do!! Every girl should have Dior in her life! It's just a shame about the price tag :( but on the plus side, at the moment Selfridges are offering 10% off your total order price when you buy more than one item!

Can you recommend any Dior products i should try?

Topshop Haul

Uh Oh..

Oops i did it again.. i just cannot get enough of Topshop (as is the norm for most British gals)! I had to get my hands on these beauties that i saw online. 2 of these i'm counting as christmas dresses so they don't really count! Christmas is about giving so i gave a little.. to myself! Aha. 
I thought the earrings were super cute and when they arrived i realised they're actually ear cuffs! They kind of hurt if you squeeze the metal too tight against the lobe of your ear but i think they're alternative and they really make a look..

Is anyone else guilty of a Topshop splurge lately?

Let me know if i'm missing out on something amazing!

Tuesday, November 6

The Dog Post

The One and Only...

I think it is time to meet the star of my blog. She was the inspiration behind my blog and behind the name Pooches and Cream. She is my best friend and without overloading on the cheese factor, "can i get a blog with that cheese?" she is, to put it lightly, amazeballs. Yes i just said amazeballs get over it! 

If you are not a fan of dogs i suggest you look away now, however it is probably too late and you might have seen the picture already, oh well.. Please meet Priscilla the pekingese

Puppy love

Aww man even as i'm writing this she just came over for a cuddle! I swear she knows what i'm doing so she just had to say hello! Well, that's my theory anyway. I hope you liked meeting Priscilla!

H&M Winter Hats

Wrap up warm..

Brrr.... how frickin cold has it gotten in the last few days?? Decided it was time to get a winter hat (or two) to keep my ears warm.

So i got one polar bear style hat and another which is more cat like as you can see from the ears! Both were from H&M and look super cute!! I will show you how they look on in an upcoming post. Winter is fast closing in, we haven't had any snow yet thankfully! I bet it won't be long now though. My motto is it's not officially Winter until the coca-cola truck ads come on the TV!! 

Crackers about Candles


As you will see i am crackers about candles. I have a particular penchant for Yankee candles, particularly the tumblers at this point in time, as I find the old design (big clunky glass jars) a bit bulky if i'm honest. Recently i had an experience in a garden centre where i picked up an afore mentioned big clunky glass jar up only for it to slip and shatter everywhere, seemed to prove my point. 

My love for yankee candles began when i was completing my undergrad degree (Psychology, if you're interested) i found burning a candle whilst struggling on with academic work particularly helpful!

So i was extremely pleased when i finally got my hands on one i have been lusting after.. 

Christmas cookie!! Yuuum! 

This smells so good, i already have a similar smelling one called vanilla cupcake, this is not so sickly. I had a good sniff (sounds wrong) of red velvet too but i found it a bit overpowering. I have heard lots of good things about this candle so i went on a determined search! 
I couldn't find it for ages it took me about 3 days, local garden centre seemed to have all the other yankee christmas candles except this one i wanted. However after a google search house of fraser in my local town of Shrewsbury came up trumps!! Hidden away on the fourth floor i didn't even know existed i found my prize!

But i didn't stop there because i got these too, i've had a small black cherry candle before and it was divine!

One of these smells really good in my car at the moment, they were £3.99 for 4 so basically £1 each, bargain !

Can you recommend a favourite yankee candle?

Thursday, November 1

Throwback Thursday

Remember these??

Stila Christmas Collection 2012

Stila Splurge = Guilty

So i have been waiting with bated breath for the launch of Stila's christmas collection and i have to say i am so excited!!! I finally saw the shelves full in Boots and could not contain myself. I had my eye on the eyeliner set because IMO stila eyeliners are the best i have come across!!

 This review is based on the Stila christmas collection and although my bank balance paid the price, i do not regret my purchases because the sheer amount i saved speaks for itself!! So here we go this is what i got..

As you can see i got the 'All is bright' lip glaze set by Stila which contains 8 x 1.5ml travel size lip glosses. The kit features 2 x core colours matched with six limited edition colours! At normally £15 a pop for just one full size, i call this a steal!

This 5 piece brush set contains 5 best selling brushes all for £20! We all know how expensive makeup brushes are right? Well good ones anyway! I think this is totally worth it, especially if you add up the total cost of how much the products would be separately!

All i can is WOW! I love this palette, as everyone knows most of the time when makeup palettes are created there is always one or more colour i could live without, not this time though! I love every colour in this palette as i find neutral/gold/pink really suit my skin tones as i am fair with blue eyes! 

I know it is a lot different to the 'In full colour' palette from last year and the amount of eyeshadows is less, but i really do love everyone of these eyeshadows! Online you can get the 'snow angel' colour palette from Stila but it comes in at twice the price of this one, whereas this is £15! Each to their own though :)

And finally, the one thing i went in for!

This eyeliner set is actually amazing value for money. I literally cannot praise these eyeliners enough.. 1 for ease of use, 2 for the way they look on, 3 for being waterproof (trust me these do NOT budge once on) and i could go on and on but i guess you get the picture. 

The swatch is in the same order as you see on the packet. From the top of my hand working down they are as follows; stargazer, angelfish, tetra, mornay and finally oscar fish. Just one of these babies RRP's at £14, but in this kit, it's five for £25.. so basically 3 for free!! WOW! Well i hope you enjoyed my post guys.. as you can see i went a bit Stila crazy. 

What's your favourite Stila product?

Jergen's Original Beauty Lotion

Happy 1st of November!

Hi guys, first of all let me just say Happy Halloween!!
I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween in true style, i know i did! I can't believe it's the first of November already how crazy is that? Just lately i've been doing a bit of shopping and i decided it was time to make my second post :)

The first product i am going to discuss is one that i bought whilst looking for a body moisturiser, then i discovered it has popped up on a couple of other blogs so i thought i had better post quick quick, but i have had it for about a month now, honest!

I like this product, the smell is great and it really makes you want to slather it all over yourself. The price is reasonable too, £3.49 from Boots! It is also great for dry skin. My only issue is i found the product left a slightly sticky residue immediately after application, i can't bear products that make me feel greasy!! but after it soaked in it felt great.

Can you recommend any good body moisturisers? My skin is seriously drying out now the winter is closing in!