Monday, December 10

MUA Lip Boom - Cheeky

I got that boom boom...

I picked up Lip Boom by MUA today from Superdrug, i thought it looked awesome for £3! Bargain. I got a pink shade called Cheeky.

As you can see it's Alexandra Burke! Haven't seen her in a while.. it says on the product that Lip Boom was created with AB by MUA, interesting.

So the product suggests it can be worn four ways; 1) lipstick alone for a matte look, 2) lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of the lips 3) lipstick with highlighter all over for a super glossy look 4) highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish.

So below i'm going to show my lips (lucky you) with just the lipstick on!

You'll have to excuse the nostril shot and the face, i have just removed my makeup and as you can see i'm paying for it.. spots spots spots

As you can see this is my lips with the gloss on top. 

OK so my overall opinion of this product is that you can't really go wrong for £3, but i'm not sure if i got the lip BOOM i was expecting, if you get me. The colour is nice but i find it quite understated as i was expecting quite a vibrant shocking pink rather than a kind of dull pink. 

I do think it is a nice product though and i like the idea. There were some other colours available such as a red and a berry shade so i would definitely like to try those. Also, both the lipstick and the gloss smell amazing, like candy floss! It's absolutely gorgeous.

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