Sunday, December 2

Lush Bath Blitz 'Golden Wonder'


Hi guys! This post is about my latest lush haul which occurred on Friday!

Tonight i decided to treat myself to a special christmassy number called 'Golden Wonder'. Yippee!

This is a special little fella (yes i am assuming a sex) in the shape of a pressie! From me to me!

Can you see the glitter? Doesn't it look magical!

This is me dipping golden wonder into the water, i think this looks so cool! "I'm melting!"

I'm seeing stars!

In a word.. WOW! I am loving this bath bomb, it starts off life as an innocent present which then fizzes and whirls whilst exploding colour stars and glitters into the water! The water felt silky smooth on my skin so i give this bath bomb a thumbs up, it is so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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