Sunday, January 13

The Revision Post

Hello gorgeous readers,

This is a post about revision.. i can hear you switching off already... but as a Masters student i like to think i know a thing or too about revision. Therefore, i decided to write this post in order to help others as much as possible with whatever it is they are revising for, GCSE's, A-Levels, Uni exams, whatever, we all know how horrific exams are and this is why i created this post.

Last week was a particularly horrific week for myself, i had a killer 3 hour exam and a presentation, but i got through it, somehow! I'm only almost a third through with a lot of work ahead, but the important thing is that i'm getting through these things. 

Ever since my GCSE's i have felt pressure. Severe pressure, which felt so heavy at times it was like i couldn't breathe. I had about 11 or 12 exams i think some 3 hours long and the whole thing was so horrific and i couldn't cope with the stress. I stressed so much i got alopecia and developed an anxiety disorder as a result that is still with me today. I'm not trying to scare you, i just want you to know how important it is that you stay as chilled as you possibly can! 

It's crucial to stay healthy during these stressful times and i feel your pain but you will get through this!

So, here are some revision Do's and Don'ts i have created. I find that doing these things really help me and i hope you find them helpful too. 


- Get plenty of sleep the night before an exam, this really is so important because you will need your energy and brainpower for the exam. What i mean is, don't pull an all nighter! it really isn't worth it and you don't need to as long as you prepare ahead!

- Prepare for your exam with plenty of time ahead. 
This sounds like the most stupidly obvious thing to say, but seriously time really does go, that's why this is so important. You have to account for the expected and the unexpected in your timeframe, e.g you might be offered an opportunity you really don't want to miss so you go out and have a great time, but then that exam is even closer.
I don't mean don't have fun in your life i just mean account several days before the exam when you might be busy doing stuff. 

- Account for hangover days. If you're going out, the day after is probably a write off. Trying to read the symbolism in Jane Eyre will be seriously hampered by those vodka shots, so you might aswell forget this day!

- When revising, i find burning a candle helps me relax. Nothing too overpowering otherwise you might feel like a bomb has gone off in your head, but non-scented or something with a subtle scent will do. 

- Take regular breaks, every hour or so. Just go and make a drink or have a little snack and some fresh air. Your eyes will appreciate it and so will your brain.

- Do those practice q's. Yes they're a ballache. But it is so worth it. If there are past papers, do every question is my advice. Seriously! In my second year i had skipped one past paper out of 5, turned the page over and died when the q came up. 

- Revise whatever way works best for you. If you don't know what works best for you, find out. Some people love mindmaps, some watch videos, some just write and write, some have to memorise every bit, i have to make notes. Lots and lots of notes which i then read about a thousand times!

- Take a bath when your eyes get tired and time is of the essence. Seriously, a quick bath and you will feel relaxed and rested enough to carry on. This has worked for me when i have been zombie like and it does give you an extra boost.


- Even try to diet. Seriously, in my second and third year i tried to diet during exam times and it just doesn't work. You are going to be so stressed and anxious about the exams you really don't need to punish yourself further with strict eating regulations. 
I fully admit and embrace that during revision i am going to binge on chocolate snacks, cake and biscuits. In my shared house in Lancaster we would have communal revision breaks and sit in the living room and eat cake and drink tea. It helps and it feels bloody good at the time.

- Shut yourself off from the world to the extreme. It's important to make time for breaks from revision. Seeing your friends will make you happy and this is important!

- Burn the candle at both ends. It will come to a point where you probably won't be able to go out every weekend during exams, if you do you might regret it but unless you're Einstein you may have to compromise.

- Let it all get too much. The stress and worry caused by exams can come out in your body in the form of spots, weight gain and eczema. This is ok. You don't need to panic. Soon this will be over and you will start feeling much better. If you feel so stressed you can't cope, talk to a member of staff. Most schools and Universities have people in place to help you with this. Don't be alone!

- Panic. As much as it sucks, what will be will be. You are going to be okay and as long as you prepare you are going to be just fine. Don't worry!

I really hope at least some of these are helpful. You are going to be fine, you will get through this and you will forget about all of your worries when this is over. 

This is going to sound so bizarre, but i try and make myself look forward to exams and i now see them as a challenge to do my best. Just remember that you are not alone in your stress, everybody feels it though they might now show it! 

Remember - You are fabulous!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 



  1. What a great post hun! This will definitely help those in the same position as you.. well done for getting through such a hard week.
    Gem x |