Wednesday, January 30

The Wellies Post

Flower Power

Hi everyone! How are we all? I hope you're all feeling well. I for one am so glad that the snow has gone, yay!

As this is (hopefully) a sign that we are heading towards Spring, i thought it would be a suitable time to review some great value wellington boots and i was very lucky that Barratts gave me this opportunity.

I always feel that Wellington boots (wellies) get a bit of a harsh deal.. i doubt if anyone asked you what kind of shoe you would be, that you would say you would be a wellington boot, (i'd be a Jimmy Choo, thanks for asking) but no-one can doubt that they are practical, functional, waterproof and last but not least; extremely handy when it comes to festivals!

This is my first EVER pair of wellington boots:

These boots have buckles on the sides!

Looking pretty happy and excited to take Priscilla for a walk in my wellington boots!

They seem to have gotten the seal of approval..

Off we go!

Out in the fields!

Yay, these wellies passed the test! 

I'm a size 7 normally, i stuck to my size and these fit me perfectly. They are super comfy, waterproof, durable and extremely useful for walking Priscilla through the wet and muddy fields. I'm a girly girl and i absolutely love the flowery pattern on these, so pretty! Also, dog walking is now super fun because i can protect my clothes and i don't have to worry about the mud or the puddles.

As you see from my face, i love these wellies. 

They are £18 + £3.50 P+P from Barratts online and you can find them here. They have a great selection of very reasonably priced Wellington boots (and also other shoes, obviously) and the delivery was super super fast as they arrived the next day. Fabulous, thankyou Barratts!

What do you think of these wellington boots?


  1. Priscilla is just a wee beaut!! Looking good too honey! xx

  2. These are very pretty! I love purple and flowers so these are an obvious winner! glad they kept you nice and dry :)
    Priscilla is adorable :)

  3. I love them... I too have never invested in wellies but love how funky and girly the patterns on modern wellies are!

    Priscilla apporved that is the main thing!!



  4. Oh my lord your dog is soooooo cute!!!

    New follower :)