Tuesday, January 1

Urban Decay Naked Palette

You Fit Me Better Than My Favourite Sweater.

Hi everyone and a great big Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013... I wonder what it has in store for us? 

My first post of 2013 is a bit of a retro old-school beauty blog post. The reason i am reviewing this product, even though it has been done COUNTLESS times before and swatches can be found everywhere online, is because it can never hurt to have a fresh take on a much loved product right? 

Can you guess what it is i'm talking about? Obviously it is the one and only Naked Palette by Urban Decay! (Apparantly the best selling makeup palette of ALL time!) I know things have advanced somewhat and we've now had Naked 2 and also the new Naked Basics Palette, but i like to assume there may be some people who don't own this product for whatever reason and therefore i am going back to basics with my Naked palette.

Here we go... 

I will admit my copy is a bit battered and bruised after a lot of use (sorry!)

This product has been such a bestseller for a reason, the eyeshadows are all absolutely gorgeous and go together like a dream. They apply easily (best applied after eyeshadow primer) have great pigmentation and they truly do last. 

I'll admit that when i first got this palette we had a love-hate relationship and it stayed in a drawer for a while, mainly because with eyeshadow palettes the colour combinations don't always stand out to me and i feel like i don't know how to use it. But now my opinion has changed and i can use this palette everyday if i want to and every night too, this palette is completely versatile so you can dress up and dress down with it. 

This palette also came with an eyeshadow brush, which i have now misplaced oops but for your recommendation here it is:

Last night i wore virgin as a base eyeshadow, followed by Half-Baked applied all over my lid with Smog then applied on the right hand side of the eye in order to create my own smoky eye.

What are your favourite combinations?

Thankyou for reading,



  1. I haven't got a Naked palette myself - but they look incredible! Half Baked and Sin look like gorgeous shades for all over the lid!


  2. i don't have a naked pallet either!! Im not really an eyeshadow person unless I'm on a night out... I never wear eyeshadow day to day, but I'm going to make an effort this year to experiment more! x

  3. Looks amazing! Thx for sending your link, following now :)

  4. Total cult product!!! Now following your cool blog, xoxo. Please check mine sometime http://pureenlightenedbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. Thanks guys for such lovely comments!xx