Thursday, January 10

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb from LUSH

Hello gorgeous people!

How are you i hope you are all well. Sorry for my lack of post yesterday, i've had a seriously stressful week going on at Uni, a 3 hour exam yesterday (which was literally the scariest and hardest thing i've ever done in my life!) and also a presentation today, but it's now over and i don't have to give in my essay until a week today, yay!

Ok so this post is a review of the Dragon's Egg bath bomb by LUSH!

Ok so, this bath bomb is described by LUSH as being like an everlasting gobstopper revealing layer after layer of surprises. I have to agree with this description, as there was definitely more to the Dragon's Egg that i expected! 
I literally thought it would just fizz and melt away in a few seconds, but nooo... this little baby whirred and fizzed around the bath in circles, slowly revealing some gorgeous red and yellow bits- not sure what they are but they do make your skin smooth :)

There is also a special surprise in the centre of the Dragon's Egg, which i won't spoil, but i will say i thoroughly enjoyed this bath bomb, however don't expect i to be a quick experience, you may aswell jump in with in whilst it's doing it's thing or your bath might get cold!

I do love bath bombs, but i only have a shower and no bath - very prehistoric, therefore having a bath with a bomb can be a pain if i need to wash my hair, and also if i want to do a mask due to all the bits in the bath. I also notice everytime i use a bath bomb there's always residue left in the bath, but it was glitter so that's nice :)

That aside, i do love a good bath bomb as a treat! I am not desperate to buy this again but it was fun. I want more moustache bubble bars!

Have a great Friday tomorrow lovelies, i'm literally going to do nothing because i've been so stressed, i think i am going to paint my nails and do face masks while watching trashy American TV programmes!


Lots of love and thanks for reading,



  1. Oooh I would really like to try this one out. I love Cinders which is only around at Christmas but I need to try more! I'll pick it up next time I am in Lush :)

  2. Ooooo love a lush bath... i've ran out and need to buy more.... May get one of these babies now :-)