Wednesday, January 30

Benefit #Hervanaversary Umbrella Win

You Know Me, In Anticipation For Precipitation

Hi gorgeous readers,

This is a post to let you all know that those Twitter competitions really do work! I'm sure you all know this, but as an avid Twitter user the naive me said to myself "Don't bother entering these competitions, no-one ever wins these things!" Well *note to self* they DO win! And you were one of 'em! Not sure whether i'm talking 3rd or even 4th person here but whatever! 

Benefit were running a Twitter competition to win a Hervana umbrella last week and in order to win you had to tweet #hervanaversary between 12 and 2pm for a chance to win. I tried for literally 3 days solid and in the end I WON ONE!

Now i never usually win anything.. seriously! I'm not kidding, but last week i got lucky. Not only did i win this gorgeous brolly i also won an Illamasqua giveaway which i will be posting about soon, so if you're not sick of me already here is a picture of me with my new brolly and i really am trying not to annoy you all i just wanted to say, go for it! Enter those comps!

Pleased. As. Punch. Thankyou Benefit!


  1. That brolly looks so cool! You won't be missed walking down a street that's for sure :P


  2. Loving the brolly!! Lucky you :) I will definitely be entering some conps, I don't usually bother!! Xxx

  3. What a gorgeous brolly... you look fab rocking it! Keep winning xx

  4. Aww well done!!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award - see more here..

    Helen xx