Friday, January 11

The Concealer Revealer

Morning everyone, i hope you're all having a good Friday, it's almost the weekend yay!!

I think i have that Friday feeling today, i woke up feeling foot loose and fancy free! So basically i'm in a good mood ;)

This post is all about the concealers that i use pretty much every morning.. i have serious under eye bags and to be honest it does get me down, not loads but you know when someone says "Oh.. you look tired!" Well i get that constantly! But meh you know, 'whatever!'

As a result concealers really are a god send to me so i thought i would share some of my favourites with you. 

This is the select moisturecover concealer by MAC cosmetics in shade NC20 and is something i picked up from Manchester Airport Duty Free. To be honest, i loved this MAC store because it wasn't as busy as most of the other stores are! 
I just guessed my shade as i didn't have a lot of time, but it is a match so all is good! I can't remember how much i personally paid, but this retails at £14.50 i believe. This concealer is really good for under eye bags and isn't toooo expensive either. I wouldn't say it is absolutely brilliant but for those who only require light coverage i can see why it might be a god send!

This is the Clinique Airbrush concealer in shade 04 Neutral Fair which i have previously reviewed here. Do have a look if you enjoy photos of people looking crap fresh! *Warning, prepare to be scared by my AM face* I really rate this concealer, but it is a bit steep at £17, bummer! I do really love this though!

This is the BareMinerals correcting concealer SPF 20 in shade Medium 2. This is what i would describe as 'war paint' and is my heavier kind of concealer which provides greater coverage for me. I was recommended this shade as the MUA said it is lovely under BareMinerals light foundation and she wasn't wrong. This concealer is described as covering all kinds of skin imperfections and also skin discolouration. This is a really good concealer but yet again with a steep price tag, £21 wowzers!

This is the Boi-ing concealer by Benefit which i received as part of my Benefit 'How to Look the Best at Everything' set, which i reviewed previously here. This is currently my favourite concealer, because it is yet again what i would call 'war paint' as it gives really great concealer coverage and covers up all my bags. Not surprisingly it is dubbed as 'industrial strength' and i would have to agree with this statement! I like that within this one i can mix shades 01 and 02 to get the perfect shade, but as you only purchase them as singles i would (and will) purchase shade 02 when i run out. Boi-ing concealer is priced at £16.50, but i would pay that for this because it is really good!!

This is the Bourjois Healthy Mix correcting concealer and is (in my opinion) one of the best concealers available in terms of the price tag and also the coverage! This is my second tube so i obviously think it is a really great product as it takes a lot for me to rebuy a product, normally i will just try something else. I wear Shade 52 Medium Radiance. This is one of my 'can't live without' concealers as it provides really full coverage, although i have heard some people find this concealer too yellow for their skin tone, i absolutely love it. This concealer is priced at £7.49 from Boots which i think is absolutely fab considering how good it is.. although i'm sure i paid £7.99 last time, hmm? 

This is the Garnier Tinted Eye Roll-On in shade Light, and is what i would kill my 'secret weapon' concealer as i find this product is somewhat of a hidden gem that is under-rated for whatever reason. I have bought this product multiple times and is one of my "If i was going to a desert island" items! It really is fab, when you roll this baby underneath your eyes in the AM not only does it provide a fab concealing effect but the cooling effect of the roller ball reduces the puffiness i experience underneath the eyes. It gives really great coverage too and i seriously couldn't live without this. This product is priced at £10.49 normally (again very reasonable really!) but i have currently seen this at half price in Tesco and also Sainsbury's! I never buy this from Boots the supermarkets normally sell this cheaper! However if you want the concealing effect and not just the cooling eye de-puffer thingy make sure you get the TINTED one!

So, basically i think what i have learnt from this post is that when it comes to concealers high end isn't best in my opinion, the high street offers just as good if not better (Benefit Boi-ing aside) for half the price! Obviously i haven't tried every concealer in the world so we can all beg to differ, this is just my personal experience. 

Just incase anyone was actually wondering about my concealer regime, i will always go with the liquids first, the Clinique airbrush, the MAC, the Bourjois all over each other followed by the Creams, the Benefit and the Boi-ing, basically i may use all of these at once before foundation - hey did u see my no makeup pic? Because it's whatever it takes for me to get rid of those bags guys! :-)!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a fabulous Friday!

Lots of Love,



  1. It is hard finding a good concealer, I have several like you lol. I also use MAC Full coverage foundation as a concealer because its that opaque, xoxo.

  2. hiya honey, great post! I love concealer!! I also get people telling me that I look tired. The worst one was 'you look as bad as I feel'!! Waaaahh. :( So yeah, I basically need a whole new face not just concealer lol xxx

  3. This was so helpful for me. I have a lot of trouble finding base products because I just don't know what will suit me! I love the sound of the clinique (and your review was fantastic! I just gave it a read and a comment) and the bourjois healthy mix :)thank you! x

  4. Aw I'm so happy! Thankyou so much you guys! X

  5. Love the garnier roller, use it every day!