Friday, January 11

Boots No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick - Waterlily

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are all well! 

This is a review of a Moisture Drench lipstick by Boots No7 in shade Waterlily. If you don't know by now, you will come to realise that i am a sucker for a really nice pink lippy and i think i always will be. I'm constantly on a quest to find my next gorgeous one.. and this one comes pretty close!

This lipstick was £9.50 in Boots and i bought it because i had a £3 off voucher!

And here is a swatch on my hand: 

As you can see this is a lovely medium pink shade which has a lovely sheerness to it which can see in this picture. As it's a moisture drench lipstick it has a moisturising formulation which is claimed to nourish the lips. I don't know about you but i am feeling this because i've had some right old chapped lips lately thanks to the cold weather! The formula also contains SPF 15, which is a bonus!

So we all know i'm no Angelina Jolie on the lips front, but here is a swatch of Waterlily on my lips. When i read a blog and i'm looking for a swatch if i don't see it on the lips i'm always like "WHY??" I need to see what it looks like!

SO what do you think? I am loving this colour!

Thankyou for reading, 



  1. I got a no7 lipstick the other day and I love it too! I wouldn't usually go to no7 for makeup but I was impressed :) And I got another voucher! Woo!!! X

  2. I love this lipstick! I had it in the old packaging/formula but dropped it on a night out so had to through it out :( May have to purchase again ;)

    S xx

  3. It's nice isn't it! I love me a pink lipstick! :D! Xx

  4. Gorgeous color!!
    I nominated you x