Tuesday, January 22


Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin

Hi everyone! This morning my review is of a handmade moisturiser which uses natural ingredients fused together by a shot of steam. Unlike other moisturisers whose ingredients are bound together by powerful emulsifying techniques, STEAMCREAM ingredients are held together through steam to create a lightweight gentle emulsion.

(Note: I'm saying STEAMCREAM as that is how the product is spelt, not because i think you may be experiencing visual impairment) :)

I came across this cream in my Latest in Beauty Box which i reviewed here. The first thing that struck me about this cream was the beautiful packaging. STEAMCREAM have developed a great eco-friendly concept of packaging their moisturiser and their tins are really what stands out to me straight away.

They come in all sorts of designs and i really recommend you take a look as they are so beautiful.

This moisturiser is a 3 in 1 moisturiser for face, body and hands and is suitable for all skin types which i think is great. In my opinion this is a great product which really works in terms of moisturisation. Lately my skin has been feeling like a leather boot but this has aided me greatly during this cold weather.

Here is the product on my skin so you can get a sense of STEAMCREAM's texture and consistency:

Initially i thought the product looked thicker than i imagined but when applied it was light and non-greasy and did exactly what it said on the tin (excuse the pun). I also love that after i've finished my STEAMCREAM i can also find a use for the tin so i won't have to throw it away like all my other old moisturisers.

STEAMCREAM 3 in 1 moisturiser is £12.95 for 75g which i think is a great price as it will last me a good while. You can buy this from their website or from their many UK stockists such as House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges, Fenwick and also perhaps strangely, Topshop. Online you can find this at Amazon, Asos, Feel Unique and many other places listed on their website.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

What do you think of this product?


  1. Really love the look of this product - and the reusable tin is fab! Great price point too!


  2. Hey hun!

    It was lovely meeting you on Saturday, finally getting round my list of who to follow!

    I hope we meet up in future :) I adore Steam cream, I have so many tins now it's ridiculous

    http://pretty-in-pink-blog.com (incase you missed it on the day :P)

  3. The packaging is cute, I'm such a sucker for nice packaging! Loving the new profile picture too :) xx

  4. I love the tin, it looks so cute! I'm thinking about looking into this, I have heard they are really good!


  5. I'm really tempted to try this but I'm not a huge fan of florals and lavender in particular tends to give me headaches. Does the smell fade? I love all the little tins I've seen some really pretty ones :) x

  6. I didn't find the scent strong myself but my boyfriend did say he could smell flowers?xx

  7. I really really wanted to try steamcream but as I think you saw me say on twitter recently I'm allergic to lavender (and really cannot stand the smell either) so it's something I won't be able to try! Such a shame as I love some of the tin's and would love to collect them x