Friday, February 1

TK Maxx Haul

I Had A Ball During My Haul

Hi lovely readers! I hope everyone is feeling happy, thank god it's Friday eh!

I got my hair done this morning and 1) it cost a fortune and 2) they didn't do my roots! Well, not in my opinion. So after i got ripped off (this seems to be happening a lot lately), i went into TK Maxx to have a good old browse in the beauty section to see if there were any goodies.

I *LOVE* TK Maxx because you can really get some great bargains across the board really such as clothing, shoes, homewares and such. I feel like i got some really great bargains today!

What did i get?

1. Butter London Holiday Lippy Trio

I have never tried Butter London nail varnish or their lip glosses even though i have heard great things so when i saw this i snapped it up. These were £10 for the 3, i almost bought 2 of these recently from a blog sale but i'm glad i didn't as these were cheaper and the colours look so glittery and sparkly! I think the RRP on these is about £28 for a similar set on Amazon so i feel like i got a bit of a bargain!

2. Paris Hilton by Elegant Touch 'Super Girly' Eyelashes

These caught my eye as the price of lashes these days is well over a fiver pretty much, but these were £2.40. I like the look of these because they have pink glitter around the edge and i think they would be lovely for a pretty, girly look.

3. Loreal 24 Hour Lash Boosting Power System

This i am SO excited to try because i have not seen this anywhere before! This includes a double ended mascara with one end a lash boosting primer and the other a mascara wand for daywear. Also included is a lash serum which you apply at night in order to improve your 'lash health'. I can't wait to see the results of this! This was £7.99.

4. Ionika Professional Paddle Brush

Wow! What can i say i have never seen a more girly product! This is totally up my street as i've been looking for a paddle brush for a while, the diamantes and the pink design look fabulous! This was £7.99.

5. Laidbare 'Working 9 to 5' Anti-Ageing Hydration Cream

This is a brand i haven't tried before and what attracted me was the 'laid bare only the right ingredients' approach adopted by this brand, as no petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or colour or animal testing is employed. This gets a massive thumbs up from me. This cream contains Gotu Kola and Iceland Moss extract and works by stimulating collagen production, which sounds just fabulous. This was £4.00.

6. Covergirl LashBlastLuxe Mascara in Black Emerald

As a brand i really like Covergirl and i tried their products whilst i was in the US two years ago. This is a mega volume shimmering mascara and claims to be 'irridescent' ooooh! Can't wait to try this one out! This was £3.99.

What do you think of my haul lovelies?


  1. You got some lovely things! I keep telling myself I need to go to TK Maxx, I haven't been in months! xo

  2. It's a shame about your hair - my sister just gets me to do hers - hahaha! <3
    Great haul - I have never tried any of these products, it would be nice if you could do a review of a few of the products -like the mascara (as a mascara junkie myself! :P)
    Great post Robyn! <3
    Lots of love from

  3. Ooooh TK Maxx is fab for beauty bits. I saw the Covergirl Mascara the other week but I was a bit put off cos it was green so I didn't get it. Let us know how it goes, maybe a review?! xx
    PS, go back and say youre not happy with your hair and speak to a manager, they will re do it :)

  4. I will do a review on each :) i'm seriously not hapoy with them today someone told my hairdresser it's 50 percent off the first visit which they never even offered me this was only my second time and also they gave me a director the first time and i didnt know until i rebooked this appointment so they gave me the most expensive person on my first visit! I'm never going back x

  5. oooh dear :( that's really poor! I'm sure if you complained they would offer to re-do it but I understand that you don't want to go back - thats rubbish!! xx

  6. I recently picked up a Butter London nail varnish and lip gloss set for £5 from TK Maxx! Definitely recommend you trying the nail polishes, they're so good! xx

  7. Oooohh, you got lots of nice things! I always find lots of things that I want whenever I go to TK Maxx. Might have to have a look for that Covergirl Mascara now!


  8. I love TK Maxx too! It can be a bit jumble-saley but that's part of the fun :P I've heard good things about the London Butter lippies, let us know how you get on with them :) xx

  9. I love TK Maxx too, so great! I love going in there, especially if you aren't after anything in particular because you never know what you might find :) xxx

  10. You got some great buys! I love TK Maxx sometimes! You can get some great buys :D I loveeeee the brush :D :D xx