Sunday, February 10

Happy Hibiscus Lipstick by MAC

Not So Happy About Hibiscus

Hey lovely readers, i hope you have all had a fabulous weekend! This review is of a Sheen Supreme Lipstick by MAC called Happy Hibiscus. I picked this up from the Cheshire Oaks Outlet on my way back from a fabulous overnight stay in Morecambe for a friend's birthday. This was £9 and i got this because i thought the colour was so pretty, i haven't seen this lipstick before and i wanted to try my first MAC sheen supreme lipstick.

Here's a swatch for your enjoyment!

As you can see, Happy Hibiscus is a gorgeous pale pink/light lilac colour which is obviously an ode to the hibiscus flower. This swatches beautifully and the creaminess of the lipstick shines through. Next i applied Happy Hibiscus, but to be completely honest with you i'm not overwhelmed by the application, i'll show you first and then explain afterwards:

I found this lipstick SO difficult to apply to the point where i literally felt like "how do i put this on right??" because it took so long for me to achieve full lip coverage and it felt as if the lipstick was moving around on my lips. This lipstick also seemed to cling to certain areas of my lips leaving other parts unfilled, which can obviously look a bit weird. I'm not convinced by the colour payoff either as to me, once applied this colour appears to be lighter than the original swatch and to get this level of colour took a lot of applications.

In all, i'm not really keen on having to take so much time and care in order to apply my lipstick, what if i'm in a rush? I think i prefer the other MAC lipstick formulations, therefore i will steer clear from the sheen supremes in future.

What do you think of this lipstick and what are your experiences of the Sheen Supreme lipsticks?

Lots of love,


  1. arghhh what a mess! I can see why you're disappointed. Just goes to prove that hand swatches aren't always a good indicator for lip products :( such a pity since it's a beautiful colour and looks so creamy in the first swatch! I haven't tried a MAC lipstick but I'll definitely give this one a miss, thanks for the review :) x

  2. Hey honey!! I've never tried a sheen supreme before, the colour looks lovely on the swatch that's such a shame it's not a great result when you apply it! :( xx

  3. I mean for the price of the lipstick, it shouldn't be so difficult to get coverage. I feel like MAC's lighter pale pinks are always hard to get coverage! Thanks for the review, def not picking this one up.

  4. I have a barry m pale lippy and it looks the same. I think pale lippys are tricky to apply and to hide any lips sins like dry lips (which i have) such a shame!! Where can u buy mac at cheshire oaks?! I havent seen it there before!! Xx

  5. You can buy it from 'The cosmetics company store', its amazing!!!! they sell MAC, Bobbi Brown, Origins, smash box! All at discount prices! xxxxxx

  6. That is sooo gorgeous! I love this colour a lot!! <3
    Lots of love

  7. Aww :( The swatched looked amazing but it doesn't translate as well onto the lips x

  8. This looks really hard to wear but I think with a layer of gloss over it might be ok? Pale shades are so difficult to wear, I love the Kate Moss 101 lipstick but it looks terrible on me unless I spend ages prepping my lips :( Glad to have found your blog though, I'm a new follower :) x