Monday, February 18

My Natural FOTD

My Everyday Look

Hi everyone! Today i am going to do a self-photo on my blog which is something i have never done before. I have finally built up the confidence to get myself out there and show you what i do to achieve my most worn everyday look. I'm not somebody who wears a great deal of makeup everyday but i do admit i can't really go without wearing makeup if i am going to leave the house because i feel much better with my makeup on to be honest. 

What products did i use?

So this is actually looking like quite a lot of products for a natural look, haha but i think i take a lot of work to look even remotely human sometimes i won't lie :) Today i tried the Vichy Dermablend for the first time, i got shade Opal which is the palest shade but i still find you can easily look like you've been tangoed if you're not careful!

I use a lot of concealers as you can see because i get tired eyes that make me look about 80! I used glow all out all over, before using my Prime Time eyeshadow primer by Bare Minerals which i can't rave about enough because you only need the tiniest bit for both eyes to last all day! I used my Stila in the light palette in shades bare and kitten, followed by my Stila smudge stick liner in shade Tetra along the top of each eyelid. Covergirl lastblastluxe mascara was then applied x 2 coats.

The blusher i used is Gina by Nars and i love this so much! My eyebrows were filled in with my Browzings by Benefit in shade Medium which i have had for a good two years now. Lips are Kate for Rimmel in shade 03, my favourite natural lipstick of choice.

My Tools

I applied the concealer first with the second brush in by Stila before applying foundation with my fingers, sorry but it was the most workable way! The Real Techniques powder brush on the far right was then used to apply glow all out all over my face. The eyeshadow brush i used for the base shade bare was the contour shadow Bare Minerals brush and kitten was applied with my MAC 239 brush. My favourite brush for applying Nars blush has to be my Cosmopolitan blush brush because it has just the right angle for a great application.

I hope you enjoyed my natural FOTD post, this is my first one and i know i don't look totally amazing but i thought i would dip my toe in the water post-wise and see how i got on. 

What do you think, would you like to see more posts like this?

Lots of Love,


  1. That's about the same amount of products that I use :) I love the Bare Minerals eye shadow primer too!

    Great post - would love to see more like it!

    Nicola xo

  2. You look beautiful!! <3
    You really do and I love the look!! <3
    Great post Robyn :D <3

  3. Thanks so much guys, i was so scared about doing this post i really appreciate your kind comments xxx

  4. you look gorgeous! and don't worry i use the same for "natural looks" i still feel like I'm brining enough makeup along for more than one person haha!

  5. This is a lovely look, don't know what you were so scared about!! Well done :) xx

  6. Aw you look flawless girl! I like to rely on a few test and tried products, especially since I often wake up at 4:45 for work x