Saturday, February 2

Covergirl Lashblastluxe Mascara

Lay It On Thick

Hi lovely readers!

This post is a review of the Covergirl Lashblastluxe mascara, which i got during my TK Maxx haul yesterday, as shown here.

This mascara is in shade Black Emerald and claims to contain a hint of shimmer!

I put it to the test...

The brush looks good but at this point i am a little annoyed because the brush and the bit you hold is a tiny bit wobbly so when you move it it wiggles! This makes me worry the wand is about to fall off or something!

However, i do like that the mascara container has been sealed shut, i like things which promote hygiene as if you think about it mascara wands must roll around in the product for possibly ages before we go to buy it!

Here's a swatch... i don't know about you but i was half expecting this mascara to be green? However it isn't!

The swatch looks a tad dry IMO but i am thinking this is because the product has settled so i gave it a good shake. I can see some kind of green tone to this mascara in the swatch, which i like.

Here is a double dose of my eyeball x 2 so you can see the effects of this mascara, before and after application!

"Hey, check out my eyeball!"

Well, what can i say, i am seriously seriously impressed with the results and i kid you not, my lashes look just as good as when i use my regular mascara (FYI: YSL Shocking) and this is even without using eyelash curlers! Wowweee!

As this mascara was only £3.99 from TK Maxx i think this is extra super dooper snazzywoo and it is definitely not green. I'm not sure i see a shimmer (almost said she a shimmer) haha, but this mascara is amazing!

What do you think of this mascara?


  1. That's good that it isn't green!! :) I will need to pick some up and give it a go xx

  2. Oh it looks lovely! Doesn't look green at all either :)
    After you haul yesterday I've fancied going and doing a good TK Maxx Haul today! xx

  3. This looks gorgeous! Really voluminous and a lot of curl :) it'd be interesting to see the shimmer, I guess it just gives a pretty sparkling eye look :) very cool x

  4. I like it, but it definitely isn't green! It makes your lashes look really thick !! <3
    Great post!! <3
    Lots of love from

  5. I have the covergirl 24hr Lashblast and I really love it :D I'd love to try more versions of it! x

  6. I wondered why the mascara wand didn't actually have any mascara on it, have never seen one where you buy it like that! x

  7. Hi :) Just to let you know I've nominated you for a liebster award!


  8. I love this post, your blog is gorgeous dear <3333
    Love, Anna

  9. I love this so much! & I love the quality of the pictures :) What camera do you use? Thanks Xx

  10. wow your lashes really do look amazing! haven't tried this version of the cover girl but by the looks of it, i do want to try it now! found your blog through the bbloggers chat, very cute! come by for a visit to my blog if you'd like!

    -ariel* xoxo

  11. this looks amazing, and such a bargain! xx

  12. Hi guys, thank you for your lovely comments! Lorraine i use canon 600d! xx