Monday, February 11

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup

I Wish I Had Never Bought This!

Hi everyone, how are you! I hope it's not snowing again where you are, last night i saw it coming down again and i was like NOOO! I miss the days where we used to see the sun!

This review is based on a product i really regret buying and it is the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup in shade 030 Nude. I got this about a month ago now in my Boots haul as shown here. I was so excited to try this foundation and i gave it five or six goes before i made my decision about this product.

So as you already know i regret buying this and to be honest i actually really really dislike this and render it quite useless. Even the name annoys me now, which i know is a bit much but come on just call it a foundation already! The mousse formulation is messy and i dislike the fact that when you press down so much excess product comes out. You may have seen this yourselves as in the Boots stores all of the testers are spurting everywhere and it looks so messy!

Also, application is best with the fingers and i don't find this product either workable or buildable to be honest. After a few hours i noticed white patches appearing on my face where the product had moved around or disappeared. Therefore in terms of longevity, for me this just doesn't cut it. I appreciate that some out there may adore this product but i feel it is important for me to put my view across especially seeing as this foundation retails at £12.99, which isn't cheap. Would i say i am 'photoready' when wearing this foundation? No. Would i say it gives me an 'airbrush' look? No.

What do you think of this foundation, have you tried it?

Lots of love,


  1. I know what you mean about them being messy. I work at Superdrug and we all dread having to clean the testers- always put me off trying it! xx

  2. Just the fact that it has shimmer in it too put me off right away. I have combination skin and I don't need it to make my t-zone look oilier!

  3. I live mouse foundations, in fact my favourite one is the No 7 mouse foundation I live the matte finish and the fact it has lovely even coverage. But this was awful I bought it too and found it cakey and the fact so much comes out annoyed me. great post, it's great when people also post about things they didn't like.

    Kirstabelle xxx