Tuesday, February 26

L'oreal Confettis Top Coat Nail Polish

speckled easter nails

Hi everyone, i've recovered (just about) from a horrible 24 hour bug, yesterday i could not get out of bed for love nor money, it was abs horrific! However, i'm BACK and feeling better than yesterday, yay. This post is a review of the new L'oreal top coat confettis nail polish which are taking over the beauty realm like wildfire and unless you've been under a rock or in bed like me i'm sure you have seen this before. I thought i would do mine in an Easter style and i don't mean to jump the gun but sunshine might be on its way so i fancied a sunny yellow shade! A girl can dream ;)

What do you think of my sunny nails? I love this l'oreal confetti polish, it's a kind of version of the speckled Illamasqua polishes (which do look lovely) and this way you can tailor your nails by using whichever shade you like as a base polish! So purdy! This polish was £4.99 for 5ml from Boots. Bargain!

What do you think of my speckled nails, have you got any colour recs?

Lots of Love,


  1. Ahh I love this combo! The L'Oreal top coat looks amazing on such a bright shade. I need to find this but haven't seen it in any of my local boots yet! xx

  2. I love the Nails Inc yellow, I'm a bit obsessed with yellow at the moment. x

  3. @Sandy i hope you can get hold of it soon and start experimenting i can definitely recommend it!

    @Vicky, i am obsessed too but i felt like i couldn't wear it since summer until now! Such a lovely sunny colour!


  4. Looks so pretty against the yellow! xx

  5. I definitely need to get a yellow nail polish *puts it on her list of things to buy*
    Great post Your nails look gorgeous <3

  6. Such a lovely combo! I have a mini yellow nail polish from H&M that will be perfect for summer. I love your blog header


  7. Ooo these look great together! I like yellow nail polish but it never looks 'right' on me. I might try it with one of my glittery top coats after reading this. I'm such an ideas pincher hehe.

    Great blog, now following.

    Louise x

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