Tuesday, November 6

The Dog Post

The One and Only...

I think it is time to meet the star of my blog. She was the inspiration behind my blog and behind the name Pooches and Cream. She is my best friend and without overloading on the cheese factor, "can i get a blog with that cheese?" she is, to put it lightly, amazeballs. Yes i just said amazeballs get over it! 

If you are not a fan of dogs i suggest you look away now, however it is probably too late and you might have seen the picture already, oh well.. Please meet Priscilla the pekingese

Puppy love

Aww man even as i'm writing this she just came over for a cuddle! I swear she knows what i'm doing so she just had to say hello! Well, that's my theory anyway. I hope you liked meeting Priscilla!

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