Wednesday, November 21

J'adore Dior..

So today the weather was absolutely crazy, raining like mad and all hell was breaking loose at New Street station in Birmingham. To cheer myself up i decided to pop into Selfridges in the Bullring to buy some Diorskin Airflash Spray foundation. I was given a makeover by a really nice guy called Liam. 

Diorskin Airflash Spray foundation felt lovely on and was applied with a brush so as not to get myself covered as it can sprayed directly onto the face. All was going well until.. i looked in the mirror. It was just a tad too orange now i'm on my winter shade but unfortunately that was the lightest they had as the colour range is minimal :(

Instead i went for the Diorskin Forever foundation in shade 010/Ivory:

As this foundation has SPF it's a big no-no for flash photography, i really liked the way it looked when it was applied at the make-up counter and i will take a picture tomorrow morning when i put it on a fresh face and you can see what you think!

The shade of this lipgloss is called Blacktie plum and i think it is divine!! It's a really intense deep purple and i think it looks so good on!! The final item from my Dior haul was a limited edition set of eyeshadows called 'Fairy golds' which i think are divine! A bit steep at £40 but i am sure i will get my money's worth.

I just love that Dior give you a mini how-to guide! I'm certainly no makeup artist and i appreciate being told the basics because sometimes i get so overwhelmed by palettes that i literally don't know what to do with them! 

So i know this is big post in terms of products, but i will go through each product individually with you soon i promise! I was just so excited about my first ever Dior purchase that i just had to share! Don't you just love the glitz and glamour of Dior? I know i do!! Every girl should have Dior in her life! It's just a shame about the price tag :( but on the plus side, at the moment Selfridges are offering 10% off your total order price when you buy more than one item!

Can you recommend any Dior products i should try?

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