Thursday, November 1

Jergen's Original Beauty Lotion

Happy 1st of November!

Hi guys, first of all let me just say Happy Halloween!!
I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween in true style, i know i did! I can't believe it's the first of November already how crazy is that? Just lately i've been doing a bit of shopping and i decided it was time to make my second post :)

The first product i am going to discuss is one that i bought whilst looking for a body moisturiser, then i discovered it has popped up on a couple of other blogs so i thought i had better post quick quick, but i have had it for about a month now, honest!

I like this product, the smell is great and it really makes you want to slather it all over yourself. The price is reasonable too, £3.49 from Boots! It is also great for dry skin. My only issue is i found the product left a slightly sticky residue immediately after application, i can't bear products that make me feel greasy!! but after it soaked in it felt great.

Can you recommend any good body moisturisers? My skin is seriously drying out now the winter is closing in!

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