Tuesday, November 6

Crackers about Candles


As you will see i am crackers about candles. I have a particular penchant for Yankee candles, particularly the tumblers at this point in time, as I find the old design (big clunky glass jars) a bit bulky if i'm honest. Recently i had an experience in a garden centre where i picked up an afore mentioned big clunky glass jar up only for it to slip and shatter everywhere, seemed to prove my point. 

My love for yankee candles began when i was completing my undergrad degree (Psychology, if you're interested) i found burning a candle whilst struggling on with academic work particularly helpful!

So i was extremely pleased when i finally got my hands on one i have been lusting after.. 

Christmas cookie!! Yuuum! 

This smells so good, i already have a similar smelling one called vanilla cupcake, this is not so sickly. I had a good sniff (sounds wrong) of red velvet too but i found it a bit overpowering. I have heard lots of good things about this candle so i went on a determined search! 
I couldn't find it for ages it took me about 3 days, local garden centre seemed to have all the other yankee christmas candles except this one i wanted. However after a google search house of fraser in my local town of Shrewsbury came up trumps!! Hidden away on the fourth floor i didn't even know existed i found my prize!

But i didn't stop there because i got these too, i've had a small black cherry candle before and it was divine!

One of these smells really good in my car at the moment, they were £3.99 for 4 so basically £1 each, bargain !

Can you recommend a favourite yankee candle?

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