Thursday, November 1

Stila Christmas Collection 2012

Stila Splurge = Guilty

So i have been waiting with bated breath for the launch of Stila's christmas collection and i have to say i am so excited!!! I finally saw the shelves full in Boots and could not contain myself. I had my eye on the eyeliner set because IMO stila eyeliners are the best i have come across!!

 This review is based on the Stila christmas collection and although my bank balance paid the price, i do not regret my purchases because the sheer amount i saved speaks for itself!! So here we go this is what i got..

As you can see i got the 'All is bright' lip glaze set by Stila which contains 8 x 1.5ml travel size lip glosses. The kit features 2 x core colours matched with six limited edition colours! At normally £15 a pop for just one full size, i call this a steal!

This 5 piece brush set contains 5 best selling brushes all for £20! We all know how expensive makeup brushes are right? Well good ones anyway! I think this is totally worth it, especially if you add up the total cost of how much the products would be separately!

All i can is WOW! I love this palette, as everyone knows most of the time when makeup palettes are created there is always one or more colour i could live without, not this time though! I love every colour in this palette as i find neutral/gold/pink really suit my skin tones as i am fair with blue eyes! 

I know it is a lot different to the 'In full colour' palette from last year and the amount of eyeshadows is less, but i really do love everyone of these eyeshadows! Online you can get the 'snow angel' colour palette from Stila but it comes in at twice the price of this one, whereas this is £15! Each to their own though :)

And finally, the one thing i went in for!

This eyeliner set is actually amazing value for money. I literally cannot praise these eyeliners enough.. 1 for ease of use, 2 for the way they look on, 3 for being waterproof (trust me these do NOT budge once on) and i could go on and on but i guess you get the picture. 

The swatch is in the same order as you see on the packet. From the top of my hand working down they are as follows; stargazer, angelfish, tetra, mornay and finally oscar fish. Just one of these babies RRP's at £14, but in this kit, it's five for £25.. so basically 3 for free!! WOW! Well i hope you enjoyed my post guys.. as you can see i went a bit Stila crazy. 

What's your favourite Stila product?

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