Sunday, October 7

First Post!!

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Well, i am so excited to finally have set up a blog, something i have been wanting to do for such a long time! My first post is based on a product i have envied and admired from afar for so long.. I am pleased to say i finally got my hands on it!!

As you might have found yourself the descriptions given out with perfumes can be a bit cheesy at times and sometimes don't even resemble the scent at all!! 

For those who haven't seen or even heard of this perfume, ever since i found out Tom Ford was branching out into perfume/aftershave and cosmetics i have been awaiting the collection eagerly! The price is a bit of a killer at £45 for 30ml, but this was a present from my boyfriend so i was spoiled!

I could come out with some fancy lingo of truffles/bergamot as stated in the product description, but to me it's like chocolate covered raspberries! So sensual and totally unlike anything i have EVER smelt before, there can be only one Tom Ford black orchid, that's for sure! I really love this perfume, everything from the packaging to the scent! I hope this helps you if you've seen this product around, i hope you get spoiled too! :) xx

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