Tuesday, April 2

My HD Brows Experience


Hi everyone, my oh my it's been a little while since i last posted - my apologies i just needed a tiny little blog sabbatical, however i am back now and ready to deliver my HD brows experience to you all. 

I am sure many will have heard of the HD brows treatment currently gaining popularity at speed due to the impressive results achieved through the collaboration of existing brow techniques such as waxing, plucking and threading. Hailed as eyebrow artistry, when i booked my HD brow appointment i didn't really know what to expect. My aunty was the driving force behind it and my brows had been somewhat neglected so i thought i would call upon the beauty professionals, aka local salon.

The treatment was expected to take 40 minutes, i was thinking what could they possibly do to me that would take 40 minutes and in truth the treatment was less than this for me and took about 30 minutes as my lady didn't mess around as i am sure she was booked back to back for them. First of all my brows were tinted and i was asked how dark i wanted to go. I said dark but not wow dark. After the tint my brows were waxed at which point i was told to stop scrunching my face as she may accidentally remove half the brow.. i sure did stop scrunching at this point. Next up were some scissors to trim from the top and i assume to reduce the thickness of the brows a little and remove any longer brow hairs. Wasn't too keen on this bit to be honest as i am NVQ level 2 trained and was told never to remove hair from the top really, even though i do myself with tweezers but never scissors. Then there was some plucking, finally followed by threading of the brows and the brow arch area. 

Finally after my brows were groomed to perfection, this took a while as apparantly one brow wasn't playing ball, we got there. I was told HD brows are only ever achieved 10% of the time on the first treatment and she seemed to suggest this made me lucky! For £25 i definitely wanted to be one of the ten that's for sure! The treatment was finished by the application of brow makeup from an official HD brow palette, as i was told clients are expected to leave with a finished look. I was recommended to purchase said palette but when i explained i use Browzings by Benefit which does a pretty good job my therapist said this was fine, the palettes don't look cheap either they're about £20 online and i didn't ask how much they were from the salon. To be honest i am sure you could do the job with a brow pencil to be honest the point is the treatment should do the work for you and then you just fill in as you please!

Overall i was very pleased with my HD brow experience, the top up treatment is £20 so it's not too bad for fab looking brows, however a little part of me does want to say a tint and a good wax did most of what this does and the threading is just a little added treatment, but it depends what you prefer.

Here are some before and afters! 

Before - Hairy as hell 

After - Groomed with my HD WOWS Brows (Taken the day after post redness, with browzings applied)

So, what do you think of HD brows, do you have them or will you be getting them soon?


  1. They look lovely! Personally I prefer doing them myself and found a cheap but great eyeshadow which goes well on my brows. My eyelash lady waxes them every six weeks or so for a fiver and in between I pluck them to keep them shaped. HD brows are brilliant though! And a great treat if u decide just to go once... Its important to have nice shaped brows - they totally make up your face!


  2. They look so neat - really lovely :)

  3. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out! http://beautybytarab.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

  4. Wow your brows look absolutely gorgeous!! I really want HD brows done but mine are so dark I think the tinting would be pretty pointless, wouldnt mind going lighter but reckon they might go orange! x


  5. N'aww thanks you guys! @Kirsty maybe you could skip the tinting part and they may charge you less? I know you can get blonde tint but ive never found a salon that will do it as i wanted mine to match my bottle blonde hair xxx

  6. Your brows look amazing! I've wanted this done for aaaages xx


  7. They look brilliant deary! I love HD brows, would never go back xxx

  8. Hi @Kate thankyou for your comment i think you should go for it and give it a go :D @Robyn thankyou for commenting on my blog ahh this is so cool :D i won't go back either :D xxx

  9. I really need to do something with mine, you look great!

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