Friday, April 12

L'Occitane Instant Hydration Mask - Review

Hydration O'Clock

Hi everyone! This review is of a face mask i am currently loving at the moment. I picked this up from my local L'Occitane store and i have been using it for about a month now. The Instant Hydration Mask contains organic angelica water and essential oil which have hydrating and toning properties. For those of use who lack hydration in our skin, these ingredients are desirable!

I incorporated this into my face mask routine by firstly exfoliating with a scrub, then applying an inital mask of my choice (namely my Natural Collection Rosemary & Witch hazel mask from Boots - long term favourite!) leaving on for about ten minutes or so before rinsing, then applying the L'Occitane instant hydration mask and leaving on for the desired three minutes - so quick! This mask can obviously also be used alone and L'Occitane recommend using this 2-3 times a week. The consistency of the mask is that of a gel-like formula, it applies with a 'wet' feel and sits lightly on the skin with no setting effect.

The results are so good, my skin feels so soft afterwards and this continues the next morning and for the next few days ahead. The packaging states to apply a 'generous amount' and i feel no stinging at all with the application of this product, the scent is also a very natural floral scent which smells gorgeous. 

If you have never been to a L'Occitane store you should definitely check it out as the service is fantastic - i was offered a complimentary fruit/herbal tea, the products are also very natural and the overall ethos of L'Occitane as a brand is really fab. The Instant Hydration Mask is £20.00 for 75ml of product. 

What do you think of L'Occitane products?


  1. This sounds loovely, strange that it doesnt set though x

  2. I love L'Occitane so much and this has been a firm staple in my skincare routine for a while! :)) Great post hun!