Tuesday, April 23

30 Ways to Save £1

Pound Saving Tips

Hi everyone! I thought i would take part in the Money Supermarket competition '30 Ways to Save £1' as seen here which i found on the lovely Bonjour Belle's blog here. Not only did it look a lot of fun but Money Supermarket also give you £1 for every tip you make! How great is that? You must be over 18 to enter and in a prize draw one lucky blogger will be in with a chance to win £1000! Eek!

So, here are my tips guys! As a student i think i have learned a fair ol bit about saving (hides credit card bill), i hope you like what i came up with!

30 ways to save a pound!
  1. Sounds obvious, but shop in pound shops as opposed to supermarkets for essential household items such as bleach, dishcloths, etc (just the basics I understand you may not be able to shop in pound stores for everything you require).

  2. Save your plastic bags when you go shopping as some places charge 5p every time now! This can add up :)
  1. Reduce what you throw out by seeing what you can reuse, an old candle jar when emptied and cleaned makes a fantastic brush holder!

  2. Keep spare change to save breaking a note, as once a note is broken that's pretty much it!

  3. Stock up when you see good offers in stores, this will save you money in the future!

  4. Look online for vouchers, this can help you to save a few pennies if there is money off vouchers for products you normally buy!
  1. Don't always shop on the high street, charity shops are great when you're looking for a bargain and its all for a good cause.

  2. Don't food shop on an empty stomach, you're just going to fill your trolley up with crap because the energy levels in your body are making your brain go haywire

  3. As annoying as it is, use those pesky coppers, a little goes a long way :)

  4. Pay whatever bills you can by direct debit, as this saves you more off your annual costs!

  5. Don't throw away your old clothes, some places give you £5 at bag drops (there's one in my local supermarket) for every kg of clothes you give!

  6. Don't impulse buy, step away from the potential purchase and ask yourself in 24 hours if you still need it. I bet you don't.

  7. Remember, wanting something is different from needing it. Save your money unless you really can afford it.

  8. Don't shop online with a hangover! Sounds so silly but I have done this and trust me, you're not thinking straight therefore you care less about how much you’re spending. Step. Away. From. The. Keyboard.

  9. Don't throw out your old food, reheat your leftovers and this will save you money as you wont need to go out to get more food. Eat what you have in your fridge!

  10. Think ahead and make meal plans for the week, therefore when you are home from work and don’t know what to cook it will be written down!

  11. Make a list of what you do throw out and next time you shop you will remember to get less than you did last time as it went to waste.

  12. Don't eat out unless its a treat, eating out means you will happily spend £50 on food without blinking.

  13. If you can, substitute items you buy for cheaper ones. Yes we all love taste the difference and marks and spencers is special, but tomato puree is tomato puree!

  14. Remember that pound for the trolley, then you wont have to break a note to get change which you will then probably spend and not save!

  15. Instead of buying expensive concentrated juices, drink more tap water! You pay for it (its not free) and the world is mostly water, therefore it's not bad for you!

  16. Don't fall for gimmicks in the supermarkets, chocolate philadephia is not a food group!

  17. Instead of going to the cinema on a monday, go on orange wednesdays or student tuesdays if you can, cinema prices are seriously expensive these days.

  18. Sounds daft, but drive slower! The faster you go when you don’t need to the more fuel you burn.

  19. This is a bit icky, but don’t use reams of loo roll, it comes off the roll so quickly and before you know it its all gone, one sheet at a time! (Ew) this saves trees and money which are basically the same thing, would you use one fifty pound note or two if you had no loo roll? Exactly!

  20. When you run out of bath bubbles, you can still use your empty bottle without buying more for a good 2/3 baths as the residue still makes bubbles!

  21. Instead of going to Starbucks, get a cheap caffetiere and some basics coffee and you don’t need to go to Starbucks for a good month. There is not a lot of difference i'm sure of it.

  22. Switch your lightbulbs to energy saving, this will save you money on your electricity bills.

  23. Use vinegar as de-scaler rather than these expensive branded cleaning products (even cheaper than going to the pound shop as I mentioned)

  24. If like me you have about 7 interchangeable handbags, have a good ol' route around in them before going to the cashpoint, I guarantee some spare change!

    Thanks for reading!


  1. Some great ideas, Chocolate Philadelphia is an essential food group though ;)

  2. Thankyou, hahaha yes i suppose :D:D

  3. Your tips are the best ones I've read so far from these circulating on blogs :D xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Aw thanks honey thats nice to know, i really enjoyed doing this it was pretty fun! xxx