Thursday, March 7

TK Maxx Spree

To Haul or Not to Haul

Hi guys, this morning i went to my local TK Maxx 'flagship' store which opened this morning on the Meole Brace retail park in Shrewsbury. The first 500 people through the doors at 9am received a free £10 gift card, so to my boyfriend's embarassment i brought him along with me and we actually queued whilst waiting for the doors to open. I'm not sure if i bought enough to constitute a haul, as i know some people are quite fervent about the fact that a few things only does not maketh a haul... so i guess i just got a few bits!

I've got quite a nail polish obsession now, so when i saw the 'Kardashian Kolor' set by OPI i snapped it up as it was £4.99! I also got a Nails Inc set, they put the security tab in a really awkward place and i couldn't get it off so sorry about that, i actually had bought the exact same Sprinkles polish for £11 from Debenhams but my boyfriend accidentally hoovered it up... the nail polish dried inside the hoover and the glass broke everywhere... so when i saw a set of 3 worth £33 for £12.99 i had to have it and i'm actually glad he broke it now! 

If you don't know me by now you will know i have a real thing about mugs so when i saw this Barbie one i had to grab it, I'm such a girly girl! The mug was £2.99. With my free £10 gift card it only came to about £11 for these 3.. not bad!

What do you think of my spree?


  1. Oooh i love the look of the Nails Inc collection and what great bargains. I never go into my TK MAXX maybe i should start haha x

  2. That's ace tey gave you a gift card, love the mug xx

  3. I LOL'd a bit there about the hoovering! Oh dear! It's been a while since I've had a browse in TK Maxx - I will have to get this sorted! Xx

  4. Amazing bargains! Can't believe your boyfriend hoovered up your nail varnish hahha. I deff popping in to TK Maxx soon, need to get some new candles too!


  5. Oooh I'd love to try the Kardashian Kolor polishes! Absolutely adorable little mug too xxx

  6. Oh well done on the gift card, I went on opening day too but not early enough!