Tuesday, March 5

Herbalife Herbal Aloe Hand & Body Wash - Review

Aloe Aloe!

This review is of a lovely product i received in my goody bag at the Birmingham beauty blogger meet up. This hand & body wash by Herbalife is part of their Refresh and Revive personal care range and it has literally been my little life saver over the winter period, christ on a bike i was like a snake shedding it's skin as i've got such dry skin it's horrific! If i don't keep up with exfoliation and moisturising i can get really dry and cracked skin which blummin well hurts, i always crack my lips too and they get so sore.

Wonder product meet the readers and vice versa:

At first when i got this out of my goody bag i kind of overlooked it and dismissed it pretty quickly, i'm glad i didn't follow through with this as when i gave it it's due it really turned out to be invaluable! This hand and body wash is sulfate and paraben free (yay) and contains gentle plant derived cleansers which help relieve dryness and moisturise the skin. I use this product pretty much every time i wash my hands, i do a lot of washing up (oh the joys) and using this helps keen my skin soft and supple. I also use it after the bathroom and also any other time i generally wash my hands. I have also put some of this in the bath and it has really helped me all over to keep moisturised, if i had a shower i would use it as a proper body wash as it would be fab!

This is going to sound like a selfish criticism, but the size of it can be a bit annoying as obviously if you want to take it out with you it's a large tube at 250ml, but obviously this means there is more for me to use so that's a conundrum :D i can't really complain! There are multi-pack versions available of 50ml sizes which is good to know. If you have dry skin i really recommend you try this, especially if you suffer with dry skin on the hands it is such a lovely product.

Hail the power of Aloe, i've got two aloe plants thanks to my boyfriend for when i ever burn my hands or something, the natural healing powers are amazing, i don't know much about Aloe in general so i won't insult those of you out there who do, but if anyone does have any more info on Aloe i would love to hear it!

This product and many others which are definitely worth investigating can be found on the herbalife website.

Lots of Love, 

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