Monday, March 11

The Tartan Scarf Post

Crazy about Tartan

Hi everyone, hope you're having a lovely start to the week - what is up with this snowstorm?? Crazy behaviour! This post is about a lovely tartan scarf i picked up on the weekend. I've been after a tartan scarf for a good while now and when i spotted this in Save the Children (i'm a regular charity shop shopper) i couldn't resist it for £4! This was originally from H&M but thankyou to whoever decided it was unwanted because it will be much loved by me.

What do you think of this tartan scarf?

Lots of love always, 


  1. A tartan scarf is such a must have just now! I really like this one, some are not as nice (I'm allowed to say that since I'm Scottish haha) xx


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  3. I love your tartan scarf!! It's gorgeous!! I'm coveting one myself :)

    Gorgeous blog!

    Clare xxx

  4. I want a tartan scarf *huffy face* haha xxx