Saturday, March 9

March Glossybox - Review

City Chic

Hi everyone, this morning i opened the door to a lovely surprise in the form of Glossybox! It doesn't seem too long since the fabulous Valentine's box came out for February, but here we are let's see what Glossybox has brought us this month.

So it's a 'city chic' themed box based on a groomed city girl's 'look' and included this month is a city guide with insider tips, there are some cute stickers inside too.

1. Perfume Sample: Couture La La by Juicy Couture
2. TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray
3. Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush
4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Cream Protectant Fragrance Free
5. Nails Inc St. James

Ok, at first glance i'm not feeling the rush of love i had for the February box as we all know the disappointment experienced when we spot a perfume sample as it is a bit of a cop out. However there are a couple of things that catch my eye such as the Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush and the Nails Inc polish as it's a great colour. However on the downside the perfume sample and the Elizabeth Arden cream really let this box down as they are sample sizes you could get yourself from a department store counter and as these 2 products are poor it does make this box a little disappointing. The hairspray is something i always need but i could take it or leave it if i'm honest and i expected something a little more exciting!

Sorry to sound so down about this box it's just kind of annoying when they follow what i thought was a great box last month with a bit of a dud box this month, but i guess it's the luck of the draw. I'm sure i'll change my mind as soon as i get that polish on my nails :D

What do you think of this months Glossybox?


  1. Got mine this morning. Bit disappointed to be honest. Gonna try a different one I think. Birch box is supposed to be good xx

  2. I would agree with you.
    I look forward to getting my glossy box each month. But was left a bit flat after opening this months.
    Great blog

  3. If I had payed for this I think I'd be pretty disappointed too. It doesn't seem worth the money x