Wednesday, December 9

My Edinburgh Christmas experience

Hi everyone, wow it has been a really long time since i last blogged! Writing this makes me both nervous and excited to be putting finger to keypad again after such a long while. SO much has happened! I thought i would ease myself in gently by sharing my recent trip to Edinburgh with you all.

This was my second trip to the city as on the first I completely fell in love with Edinburgh. In my head i thought it would be like in 'One Day' (the well known book and subsequent movie) and it didn't disappoint as the beautiful architecture and cobbled streets are packed with interesting places. 

The purpose of my trip was to visit the Christmas markets and having been to Birmingham and Munich before, Edinburgh really did come out as my favourite! Prior to the market i did a bit of exploring and of course took in the wonderful and picturesque castle.

After the castle i went to the market for a Bailey's hot toddy (has to be done) and a sausage and raclette cheese combo.. food porn at it's very best!

The atmosphere was lovely, not too busy but lively and with food to die for. Other options included full on german sausage, potatoes, crepes, waffles etc, drinks included mulled wine, beer, ale, cider, so many good things!

For breakfast i decided to check out a place in the Quartermile which had a lot of good reviews, it was a swedish place called Peter's`Yard and had the most delectable breads and buns all baked in-house. This place was a hit with trendy cool hipster types and the coffee was great also! I had a cinnamon bun and a latte which were both yum.

Before i knew it my brief trip was over. I flew Ryanair for £20 return from London - bargain! Have any of you been to the Edinburgh Christmas market yet? I can highly recommend it as it was a brilliant precursor for Christmas! On my next trip i hope to go the Elephant room which is a lovely quaint cafe where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book - magical.